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  • i say zed for the letter Z, you say zee
  • i say lolly, you say candy
  • i say nappy, you say diaper
  • i say fringe, you say bangs
  • i say dummy, you say pacifier
  • i say ute, you say pick up truck
  • i say footpath, you say sidewalk
  • i say doona, you say comforter/duvet
  • i say holiday, you say vacation
  • i say porridge, you say oatmeal
  • i say jumper, you say sweater
  • i say joggers, you say sneakers
  • i say flat/unit, you say appartment
  • i say autumn, you say fall
  • i say chemist, you say drug store
  • i say primary school, you say elementary school
  • i say shopping trolley, you say cart/buggy
  • i say soft drink, you say soda/pop
  • i say torch, you say flashlight
  • i say verandah, you say porch
  • i say thongs, you say flipflops
  • i say undies, you say panties
  • i say biscuits, you say cookies
  • i say icy pole, you say popsicle
  • i say prawn, you say shrimp
  • also - australians don't have an equivalent to the words freshman or sophomore
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