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  • We have the best conversations ever, of all types too: silly, serious, girlie, ... whatever.
  • Coloring together
  • Hating people together, loving people together, feeling the same exact way about EVERYTHING
  • Working together on some awesome school projects
  • million hour conversations on the phone that feel like therapy sessions
  • Facebook stalking! SO-MUCH-TIME-ON-FACEBOOK
  • Our love for Edward Cullen/R-Patz,our hate for Kristen Stewart.
  • going clothes shopping together because we both have awesome tastes.
  • Eating together
  • spending days at eachother's houses
  • knowing everything about eachother
  • complaining about our mothers
  • dinners with the family
  • The way our Queens upbringing has distanced us from the rest of the wall.
  • Notes to eachother
  • Many trips to Manhattan
  • The way we KNOW we belong at college together.
  • we're just so damn similar... <3 it!
jan 6 2008 ∞
aug 29 2008 +