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  • The pavement is too hot - just looking at it makes me feel dizzy. Its too bright, I'm too sweaty, and the pounding is hurting my feet - I can already feel the impact of my head hitting the hard pavement, the world spinning on my way down. Mericifully, I manage to stumble on, uncordinated as I am.
  • NYC in the summer is an oven. The warm breeze makes me want to throw up. Its annoying - the purpose of a breeze is not to make one miserable. Its supposed to be a "cool breeze", right?
  • Sweat beads lining my upper lip and eyebrows; they then make their descent onto two places where they are very unwelcome, one being my mouth and the other the tops of my eyeglasses.
  • The heaviness of the year - its like actually covering with a blanket in 100 degree weather. This is what we call humidity - its a big blanket of NOTHING and like the warm breeze, it does NOT comfort
  • Dehydration. It ruins your whole body in order so survive the summer with your health in tact. One has to spend a ridiculous amount of time drinking a ridiculous amount of water.
  • The wanting to kick and scream because of the all-encompassing heat but knowing you can't because that would involve moving and thus lead to a new outbreak of sweat. We're connected in the summer, held down, weighed down, and raped by the ridiculous season that is so intensified by ridiculous N.Y.C.
  • Boredom. Is it necessary to close school (a.k.a separate one from one's friends) for four damn months (& for the most miserable months of all). This is why summer in my opinion is house arrest.
  • Its an effort to eat pizza because its HOT. Summer makes pizza a ridiculous suggestion when asked by one's friends what should be eaten for lunch. I still eat it - religiously - summer can embarass me but it'll never stop me.
  • Outfits. Summer is responsible for horrific sights on the beach and elsewhere. It also makes 800x more self conscious about my body AND forces me out of my comfort zones - jeans and a hoodie.
  • I get warts, yup, I said it.
  • The rain never lasts long enough. Short summer showers are sweet but disappointing for rain-lovers like myself. Thr rainbow will sometimes make up for it, depending on how pretty it is.
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