A- Alice in Wonderland B- Big bro/ lil bro time C- Cheese steaks D- Dirty Dancing (And I don't mean the movie) E- Escargot F- France/ french cooking G- Getting up early for Christmas H- Home movies I- Invitations to parties J- Jumping into a pool on a really hot day K- Kissing L- Lightning storms M- Making collages and going through all of the pictures that I put in them N- Nerds O- Oprah parodies P- Panera bread Q- Questions on the old myspace surveys R- Roseanne S- Sarah Silverman T- Tau Kappa Epsilon U- Unexpected texts from people you haven't talked to in a while V- Visiting the lake W- Water X- Chi droppings Y- Yogurt- especially strawberry cheesecake Z- Zip Zap Zop

jul 24 2010 ∞
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