• the pearl daisy eclair
  • adding soft, warm luminosity of handmade washi to the eyes
  • a gentle translucent green just like washi paper
  • Je prend une baguette, s’il vous plaît.
  • indian menu/malaysian menu
  • vegetable gravy : potato, paneer, cauliflower, mushroom
  • double cheese naano
  • south indian staples
  • sambar and rice, curd/yoghurt rice
  • This yoghurt drink is laced with the sweetness of honey and it comes to life with a little bit of orange rind.
  • kake udon - noodles in clear dashi broth. deep fried sardines in bubbling shoyu broth, topped with eggs and
  • burger with pineapple mango chutney and bbq


  • burger with fried portobellas, swiss cheese, brown gravy, egg
  • dinner : meatballs in tomato sauce, french stew with white bea, chard, sausage served with toasted spelt, raisin bread, roasted sunchoke soup, sourdough pancakes,salmon in cream sauce, zucchini and summer squash with garlic balsamic and basil, garlicky roasted fingerlings with bacon and cheddar, donburi served with egg drop soup,
  • good bacon + eggs = love
  • cherry tomatoes out
  • lemon honey soda, sevilla orange juice and seltzer, clementine gin with basil and lime. like a garden on citrus trees in the sunshine.
  • it's a bottle of pear, apple, citrus and flowers with soft, lush bubbles. bringing plenty of citrus and berries to the table. a lovely, fresh mineral waterfall. Think: apricot, minerals,

sunshine, flowers, pearls and prettiness, with vibrant

  • “Creator for the food, and for you, I thank you”

This was the traditional Haida blessing that preceded the meal. The octopus was harvested underneath a rock on her beach during low tide, and was then transformed into the best octopus ball we’ve ever had.

  • estern carpets, delicate glassware, colorful dishes and precious fabrics.
  • panko breaded chicken and black sesame,
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