• As you repeat this selection process, you increase your sensitivity to joy.
  • When something sparks joy, you should feel a little thrill, as if the cells in your body are slowly rising. When you hold something that doesn't bring you joy, you will notice that your body feels heavier.
  • And when you discard anything, don't forget to thank it before saying goodbye
  • Tidying is the act of confronting yourself; cleaning is the act of confronting nature.
  • If it brings you joy, but you can't see yourself wearing it outside, there's no reason you shouldn't wear it inside.
  • Type As are thought to have a stronger desire for neatness than Bs
  • I know that complaining is actually proof that a person still has the energy to carry on
jun 28 2019 ∞
jul 17 2019 +
  • Salt and Lychee Soda
  • Salted Lassi
  • Basil Lemon Mojito
  • Freshly-Squeezed Orange Juice
  • Green Tea Cheese Cream Milk Tea
  • Strawberry Milk
  • Grapefruit Soda
  • Mango Juice and Yakult
  • Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Havarti Melt
  • Curry Croquettes
  • Cheese-Baked Seafood Rice
  • Butter and Sugar with Lemon Crepes
  • Honey and Almond Crepes
  • Crepe with Cheese, Tomato, Garlic
  • Crepe with Tuna, Dairy-Fresh Cream, Tomato
  • Crepe with Banana and Condensed Milk
  • Crepe with Peach Halves, Grand Marnier, Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Crispy Hot Wings with jicama and Cucumber...
jun 28 2019 ∞
jul 17 2019 +
  • the pearl daisy eclair
  • adding soft, warm luminosity of handmade washi to the eyes
  • a gentle translucent green just like washi paper
  • Je prend une baguette, s’il vous plaît.
  • indian menu/malaysian menu
  • vegetable gravy : potato, paneer, cauliflower, mushroom
  • double cheese naano
  • south indian staples
  • sambar and rice, curd/yoghurt rice
  • This yoghurt drink is laced with the sweetness of honey and it comes to life with a little bit of orange rind.
  • kake udon - noodles in clear dashi broth. deep fried sardines in bubbling shoyu broth, topped with eggs and
  • burger with pineapple mango chutney and b...
jun 19 2019 ∞
jul 12 2019 +
  • strawberry lime soda
  • spicy coconut lemonade
  • mango lemonade (ramadan special)
  • creamy cashew milkshake
  • fresh peach lemonade
  • spicy chicken fried rice
jun 17 2019 ∞
jun 17 2019 +

Asians who immigrated to the United States as children have higher rates of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts than U.S. born Asians. Asians who came as adolescents and adults have lower rates than either of those groups.In addition, more Asian female students reported suicidal thoughts and behaviors than Asian male, White female, or White male students. In a survey of students attending high schools in Hawaii, Native Hawaiians had a significantly higher lifetime prevalence rate for suicide attempt (12.9%) than non-native Hawaiian students (9.6%).11 In another survey of Hawaiian high school students, Native Hawaiians (11.5%) and Filipinos (13.6%) had more than twice the rate of suicide attempts in the past 12 months than Caucasians (5.6%). Cultural identification: Among Asians, higher levels of identification with Asian culture, such as a sense of belonging and affiliation with spiritu...

jun 5 2019 ∞
jun 5 2019 +
  • yaira - to enlighten
  • neri - my candle
  • maori names - anahera, ataahua, tui, te aroha, awhina, tui, te ao
  • l'kolech. Hashvil bo esah hu shvilech

Ima Adama Panayich chamot v'otfot Adama - Einayim chumot bi tzofot

Hein bati mimech, micheikech - adama V'at atidah l'shakech - adama Et kol k'evai, et leilotai, et yamai Olam umlo'o lach modeh - adama

Adama - notenet piryah l'chulam Adama - tova utmima l'olam Adama - lamdi na et b'nech ha'adam

may 28 2019 ∞
may 29 2019 +
  • (prettypleasedesign)
  • it's been a pretty minute'
  • doesn't everything taste better when it's pretty
  • (kevin nadal) : our brown skin, slanted eyes and spanish surnames often confuse people. Sometimes, we are told (directly or indirectly) that we aren't really Asian; that our skin is too dark; or that we are among the lowest of the Asian totem pole. Because these messages are often communicated by East Asian Americans (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, or Korean Americans), many Filipino Americans report feeling more affinity with Pacific Islanders, Latinx, and Black Americans, and some build coalitions with South Asians to proclaim that Brown Asians exist.
  • So, even if many of us are taught to be proud of our ethnic identity as Filipinos, we can still carry with us an internaliz...
may 21 2019 ∞
jun 1 2019 +
  • Un e'te', il y a longtemps - one summer, a long time ago
  • 천철
  • 오래전에
  • 웅장한
  • 유리
  • 약간
  • 독특하다
  • 막바지
  • miro por la ventana y veo fortaleza y esa ensenanza que todo con fe y amor se puede alcanzar


  • persian love cake and chocolate pavlova for my dear family
  • the women Im grateful for
  • pretending to be in provence
  • such a serene looing work space
  • bouquet of glass spoons
  • reeds, fresh air, views!
may 4 2019 ∞
jun 1 2019 +
  • Capucine
  • Haya
  • Priyanka
  • Fifi Leuchars
  • Hannia
  • Garrascal
  • Teboul
  • Paloma Hevia
  • Souttar
  • Sassaman
  • Alix Salas
  • Pasco
  • Elif
  • Fahime
  • Anita Fiorillo
  • Masi Mozayan
  • Malagoli
  • Carme Catalunya
  • Riquelme
  • Catalina Paz Heap
  • Aitch Heliana
jan 6 2019 ∞
may 4 2019 +
  • crab fried rice at Gerry's (too salty)
  • cream cheese, nutella filled star bread
  • grilled tender juicy hot dog lol
  • homemade iced latte with almond milk + hazelnut creamer + cinnamon
  • eating a fat ass piece of watermelon with a spoon
  • mom's homemade thick hummus
  • my homemade no recipe sparkling lemonade with honey
  • roasted oolong milk tea at t4, basil popcorn chicken is only good while it;s piping hot smh
  • coffee milk tea and boba loca (tasted like straight up nescafe..)
  • inka potato chips (bland but lovely texture)
  • SPICY chicken kofta, basmati rice, paneer naan. sooo delicious so satisfying exccept the paneer naan. wasn't cooked enough ( i like my naan slightly charred, this w...
jul 17 2018 ∞
mar 3 2019 +
  • replace this text with your list
  • begin each item with an asterisk
jun 28 2017 ∞
jun 28 2017 +
  • afsaneh (persian - "fairy tale")
  • luningning (tagalog - "brilliance")
  • rosario (spanish - "rosary")
dec 26 2016 ∞
dec 27 2016 +
  • chinese clay pot rice (bo zai fan)
  • ethiopian wat with injera - tried!
  • mango kulfi
  • persian jeweled rice (javaher polow)
  • turkish ayran
  • turkish doner kebab
  • saudi arabian fish kabsa
  • jamaican ting soda
  • jamaican beef patty
  • indian dosa
  • indian samosa - tried !
  • struffoli
  • roti canai - tried !
  • canadian nanaimo bar
  • sesame pancake
  • shakshouka - made!
  • huevos rancheros - tried !
  • semla (swedish creme-filled cardamom buns)
  • dolma - tried !
  • malaysian wantan mee
dec 11 2016 ∞
jul 12 2019 +


  • los angeles theatre (theatre) , los angeles
  • madonna inn (hotel) , san luis obispo
  • mill rose inn, half moon bay
  • lolo's food shack (restaurant) , nyc
  • kaihalulu, hana


  • golestan palace, tehran
  • darband, tehran


  • the raj palace grand heritage hotel, jaipur
  • city palace, jaipur
  • mysore palace


  • maimun palace, medan


nov 19 2016 ∞
oct 15 2017 +
  • iquitos, peru
  • trujillo, peru
  • sidi bou said, tunisia
  • barcelona, spain
  • sevilla, spain
  • cordoba, spain
  • castro del rio, spain
  • cartagena, colombia
  • ashgabat, turkmenistan
  • kazan, russia
  • rio de janeiro, brazil
  • goree, senegal
  • havana, cuba
  • samarqand, uzbekistan
  • reykjavik, iceland
  • vieques, puerto rico
  • valladolid, mexico
  • taxco, mexico
  • carcar, philippines
  • puerto princesa, philippines
nov 19 2016 ∞
nov 15 2017 +
  • Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini (novel)
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini (novel)
  • Kira-Kira - Cynthia Kadohata (novel, a childhood favorite that I've read four times)
  • The House of the Spirits (novel, Isabel Allende)
  • Beloved (novel, Toni Morrison)
  • Frankenstein (novel, Mary Shelley)
  • Geisha : A Life - Mineko Iwasaki (autobiography)
  • When Heaven and Earth Changed Places - Le Ly Hayslip (memoir)
  • Complete Short Stories - Ernest Hemingway (compilation of short stories, some of my favorites are Indian Camp, Old Man at the Bride, Hills Like White Elephants, The Capital of the World)
  • Family Matters - Rohinton Mistry (novel)
  • La Belle Dame Sans Merci - John Keats (po...
nov 18 2016 ∞
jan 22 2017 +
  • James Joyce - "...her luminary reflection:her constancy under all her phases, rising and setting by her appointed times. her potency over effluent and refluent waters, her power to enamour, to mortify, to invest with beauty, to render insane, to incite to and aid delinquency: the tranqui inscrutability of her visage. her omens of tempest and calm: the stimulation of her light, her motion and her presence:
  • Destination Moon - "Are we going to lunch? Or are we going to the Moon?"
  • The California sky was warm and blue, its light still bright but softening. I was a third of a planet away from home.
  • washed blue by the still-light sky, a depth as much as a brightness.
  • a single Moon of many stories.
  • feel the Earth creaking gently at their touch.
  • towards the matte-silver-blue Moon
jun 28 2019 ∞
jul 10 2019 +
  • grand prismatic spring
  • A poc a poc, com neix la lluna;

a poc a poc, potser és amor el que ha nascut com una espurna de l'amistat que hi ha entre tu i jo.

Little by little, as the moon goes out Little by little, perhaps it's love whatever has been born from a spark of the friendship which exists between you and me

copain - friend, buddy, boyfried malgre' - despite va-et-vient - comes and goes c'est court - it's short ca dure toujours - it lasts forever C'est le temps de l'amour, le temps des copains et de l'aventure. Quand le temps va et vient, on ne pense à rien malgré ses blessures. Car le temps de l'amour c'est long et c'est court, ça dure toujours, on s'en souvient.

il y aura - there will be On se dit qu'à vingt ans on est le roi du monde, et qu'éternellement il y aura dans nos yeux to...

jun 20 2019 ∞
jun 30 2019 +
  • zucchini cream soup
  • buckwheat porridge boiled with butter and milk
  • astrakhan triple fish soup
  • baursaki (yeast dough dumplings served with honey based solution, typically fried in a cauldron. take with tea)
  • moscow open pies ( rasstegai) - in the shape of a woman's shoe, stuffed with fillings such as red salmon, sturgeon. traditionally are poured over with rich broth and butter
  • gingerbread from a small town near moscow, traditional jam or condensed milk stuffing
  • baked apples soaked in various syrups
  • apple pastilla with honey and sour apple
jun 17 2019 ∞
jun 17 2019 +
  • agata honorata mikrut
  • leyva, maietta , kiantos, oloshove, hallihan, ophelie, agoston , beamud
  • selver yildirim, mathieu dutan, oroma elewa, betty adewole, mame thiane camara, hao zeng, lina zhang,
  • solitude in the garden
  • a girl with silk cocoons
  • maison martin margiela bathrobe
  • tiger playing in the snow
  • luminous melting cleanser
  • couture fairytaile
may 31 2019 ∞
may 31 2019 +
  • botanica menu
  • fruit salad - a bountiful array of market fruit

orange-almond teacake, white wine-roasted fruit & whipped organic cream (gf)


spring peas, radishes & citrus with whipped herbed tahini on Bub & Grandma's bread


farm eggs with caramelized leeks & wilted hearty greens on the side + house-made chorizo • $5 TURKISH EGGS • $16 poached farm eggs, aleppo-urfa butter, garlicky yogurt, seared scallions, lemony salad & cornmeal focaccia

may 29 2019 ∞
jul 18 2019 +
  • the painter teaches the neighborhood kids his little american song.
  • the boys are wearing striped t-shirts
  • the rich woman is indeed charmed by the painter-man, she wears (is that dior?), a thin string of pearls, grey eyeshadow swept up until a little bit below the manicured brow, bright vermilion on her lips. she sashays in her gown to her barcart, gleaming with fragile glass and silver and pours drinks into small teeny glasses. they haven't even finished their teeny glasses until they've decided to drink from other teeny glasses, at a steaming jazz nightclub. the nightclub is absolutely packed with people, smoke clouds make way to reveal cave painting decals on the wall. a saxophonist blows away into the night, and couples sway in cheek-to-cheek disarray. old men drink orange juice out of straws, not only are there teeny glasses of ...
may 27 2019 ∞
may 27 2019 +
  • dissolved in plasma - ions, proteins, blood cells
  • 45% of plasma volume is cellular elements, the remainder is plasma
  • precapillary spihincter- adjusts blood flow into capillaries. smooth muscle fiber wraps around capillary
  • gastrovaacular cabity - allcells are exposed to steps of digestion. ingestion og food in cavity, fragmented by enzymes. only one opening to environment, with food in and out there.
  • factors that increase heart rate
  • sterlings law, law of continuity
  • diastole vs systole
  • trace path of red blood cell from heart to systemic to heart
  • four ways blood gets back to heart
  • three gradients in capillaries
  • blood pressure at capillary ends
  • four components of blood
may 6 2019 ∞
may 7 2019 +

hand written letter from einstein to his sister : 1922, wrote about his fears about the rise of nationalism and violence in his country germany 10 yrs before the nazi party was in power. he wrote the letter while hiding after the assassination of his friend and fellow jew. he was lecturing abroad when hitler became chancellor, so he renounced his german citizenship and emigrated to america until the end of his days form of political practice distinctive to the 20th century that arouses popular enthusiasm by sophisticated propaganda techniques for an anti-liberal, anti-socialist, violently exclusionary, expansionist nationalist agenda." once in power, fascists did not always keep their promises. fascisms only definition of morality is to make the nation more stronger and powerful sunod sunod, sasakyan, kasaliguyan, muli, hanggang ngayon, pokpok, maniwala, kulubi, ginamit niya, pangaylana, u...

jan 17 2018 ∞
jul 4 2019 +
  • Russian Menu
  • Russian Tea Cakes
  • Sweet Chocolate Braid
  • Zucchini Croquettes
  • Mushroom and Potato Soup
  • Frosted Cranberries
  • Chai Po-Russki , Russian Tea
  • Kotlety (Russian Beef Patties)
  • Sharlotka (Apple Cake)
  • Borsht
  • Cabbage Pirozhki
  • Turkish Menu
  • Lemon Chicken, Artichokes
  • Baklava Rolls
  • Stuffed Chard, Stuffed Eggplant
  • Simit (Sesame Rings)
  • Naneli Limonata (Mint Lemonade)
  • Cream Stuffed Apricots

ethiopian cold brew with nougat notes cas...

feb 21 2018 ∞
jun 29 2019 +
  • thou are present in my shadowiness
  • and thine early morning gladness
  • my life with its bell of crystal and of silver
  • shaken in a hush, to the jubliance of flowered Easter
  • my head absolved in a rose and amaranthine turmoil
  • a cloud, a passenger aboard
  • thy saintly face, and a shroud of snow for my desire. thine anagram is youth and grace and love.
  • thine alone alleviates my coward dusk.
dec 28 2018 ∞
dec 28 2018 +
  • Yağmur - unisex, turkish "rain"
  • Cosima - Greek, "order, decency"
  • Arwa - arabic, gracefulness, fresh
  • Al-Musawi, arabic surname, denotes coming from prestigious family with transnational identity
  • Merve - feminine, turkish "pebble"
  • Linh - vietnamese, "soul/spirit"
  • Latif/Latifa - arabic, "kind"
  • Eun Yeong - korean, eun " kindness" yeong "flower, petal, hero"
  • rahim - arabic, "kind, compassionate"
  • Caoimhe (Keeva) - irish "beautiful, gentle"
  • afaf - arabic
  • Adalet - turkish, "justice"
may 10 2018 ∞
may 24 2018 +
  • many asian american students feel uncomfortable to speak up in class
  • silent in "thought"
  • quiet = traditional asian culture?
  • native english-speaking asians as shy as limited english-speaking asians
  • "situational non-assertiveness" "internalized oppression"
  • Paulo Friere says that oppression makes the oppressed dehumanize themselves
  • oppressed people come to believe that the source of their problems lie in themselves, and not in their oppression by other people
  • memmi "are we timid because we let ourselves be oppressed?"
  • oppression hinders one's ability to think and reflect, they cant easily perceive the structural conditions of their lives
  • they dont look critically at their stereotype "they fatalistically accept their ex...
mar 9 2018 ∞
mar 9 2018 +
  • Lemongrass Tofu Banh Mi
  • Turkish Dried Figs
  • Homemade Sparkling Water with Navel Orange Pulp
  • Mango Coconut Pasty, Oven-Roasted Turkey with Tzaziki Sauce + Cucumbers + Tomato on Croissant, Cappuccino = Andersen Bakery
  • Classic Rose Tea, Takoyaki = T4
  • Gumbo Jambalaya Pasta, Huevos Rancheros, Thai Lettuce Wraps = Cheesecake Factory
  • Hot Hokkaido Milk Tea = Sharetea
  • Raspado de Fresas - Surf City (fucking 6.25)
  • Thai Peanut coconut Chicken Wrap with ginger cream cheese and spicy peanut sauce, sliced cucumbers = starbucks
  • white peach calpico (not as good as lychee one)
  • romaine lettuce and yoghurt sauce i made (put just one garlic clove not two damn)
feb 19 2018 ∞
jan 13 2019 +
  • mettre la table - to set the table
  • napperon - place mat
  • nappe - table cloth
  • bol - small bowl
  • saladier - large bowl
  • verre a vin - wine glass
  • soucoupe - saucer
  • plateau - tray
  • batterie de cuisine - pots and pans
  • roti - roasted
  • lieu - place
  • proche - nearby, close
  • eux - them, they
  • gite - holiday cottage, shelter
  • le pire/ plus mauvais - the worst
  • devinette - riddle
  • balai - broom
  • robinet - faucet
  • bourricot - donkey
  • increvable - tireless
  • malheur - misfortune
feb 10 2018 ∞
feb 10 2018 +
  • Mellow Milk Mist - white tea and calendula extracts, marsmallow root and oat milk
  • Calm Water Gel - turns into fluid upon application. Apple fruit extract and water-biding cactus pear
  • Antioxidant Serum - Chinese tea extract, coffee and apple
  • Plum Oil - Omega-3 fatty acids, natural sunscreen booster
  • Mud Mask - increases circulation, carrot seed and olive oils
  • All Over Balm - with organic honey and dandelion. Powdery rose scent, good for the whole family.
  • Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil - reduces scarring
  • Radiant Priming Serum - with hibiscus, aloe, betaglucan
jun 28 2019 ∞
jul 17 2019 +
  • Lingering at the threshold between word and image.
  • A glutinous dollop of brown paint, a delicate disc of wispy white paint, and a shiny coin-shaped form in graphite pencil.
  • A persistent compulsion is invoked into the viewer.
  • Writing comes in waves, rolling funnels of cursive script, gestural inclinations of the hand's becoming.
  • If a thing loves, it is infinite.
  • Say it with flowers, or Babylon's gardens.
  • archeological labor of love.
  • Oscar Wilde - "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance"
jun 28 2019 ∞
jul 17 2019 +
  • hinoki (japanese cypress) atmosphere mist comes in natural cotton bag
  • face creme with oat base, a complex which forms a hydrocolloid film on the skin toprotect against water loss, plum oil, vitamin b5, meadowfoam, rosehip, calendula and chamomile oils.
  • knit french market tote
  • yellow ombre ostrich feather art deco flapper fan with genuine ivory sticks, on which there are small pink and blue paintings of flowers.
  • hot pink burlesque ostrich feather fan with genuine blonde tortoiseshell sticks.
  • austrian fan with plain tortoiseshell sticks, thousands of tiny iridescent blue feathers from a peacock, silk tassel
  • manchu silk embroidered shoes with platform
  • uzbek shoes made with donkey leather, dec...
jun 17 2019 ∞
jul 12 2019 +
  • you will see the fishermen drive their panga boats onto the beach and pull in their daily haul, smell pungent basil in the night air and watch truckloads of strawberries, herbs and green beans being hauled from fields not far
  • a cafe that strikes you as tastefully sylish right away. you've wandered in to a mid-century time slip
  • bright and citrusy candinavian style coffee beans
  • fruit and whipped yoghurt sandwiches. a colorful fruit exhaustion. parfaits with fragrant melon, lemon jelly, ruby grapefruit, white peach and blueberry. starbucks lemon yoghurt frappuccino with cheese and sweet sake.
  • the peninsula : when tea time strikes in tokyo, under the iconic hanabi-firework inspired chandeliers, stunning bird cage s...
jun 6 2019 ∞
jul 18 2019 +
  • saveur
  • BLÅ is based on 13 teas. Jasmine, white, and darjeeling. Fresh and light with delicate aromas from the jasmine. Honeysuckle, citrus and tropical fruit lead into an expansive and refreshing palate of jasmine and white flowers, with delicate white tea and green apple fruit on the clean, fresh finish.


  • rome's swammy summer heat
  • garden balsam - In the olden days it was used to ward off evil spirits.
  • A cute love tradition – if the orange color remains by the first snowfall then you wil marry your lover
  • Crush them.
  • Apply the mixture to your fingernails or toenails, wrap in plastic, and tie with string or tape.
may 31 2019 ∞
jun 29 2019 +
  • The modifications created unusual handling characteristics. In essence, it was found that the aircraft had a tendency to lift its nose upwards, particularly when it was already pitched at a steep angle.

This was unhelpful, because an excessively high “angle of attack,” as it is known, can cause an aerodynamic stall - suddenly robbing the wings of lift and causing the plane to lose altitude.Boeing’s engineers developed a control system called MCAS - Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System - to ensure that the way the 737 Max behaved in the air remained consistent and matched that of previous generations of the plane.

This piece of software brings the nose of the aircraft down automatically, under very specific circumstances, without the intervention of the pilot.Investigations into both 737 Max crashes are still under ...

may 30 2019 ∞
jul 4 2019 +
  • counter current heat xchange - arteries contain warm blood and as that blood travels to its target it gets cooled, cool blood in veins returns warm. the warm blood gives off heat to the blood returning , saving energy
  • a protein complex is made following the four protein structures
  • primary structure - amino acid sequence
  • secondary structure - H bonds to make alpha helices, beta sheets (backbone bonds)
  • tertiary structure - all bonds included (covalent, van der waals, ionic) among the amino acid side chains. this determines the overall shape of the polypeptide
  • if there are two or more polypeptide chains, this determines the overall shape of the protein. (multi subunit complex). the chains will bond to each other
  • synthesis of mRNA to DNA -

replication - a DNA helix is split by hel...

may 21 2019 ∞
may 21 2019 +

all day I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps. Your sleek laugh, hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails, I want to eat your skin like a whole almond. I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your body. She added cardamom to everything. Coffee, of course, and tea. Steamed milk, curries. A reason for chronic night sweating - the patient is totally healthy and is actually running in a dream, or frightful in a dream. The sweat is the consequence of acting out the dream Engulfment is a moment of hypnosis. The gentleness of the abyss : I have no responsibilities here, the act of dying is not up to me: I entrust myself, I transmit myself (to whom? To God, to nature, to everything) I lose my structure as a lover. This is a factitious mourning, without work to do. Half in love with easeful death. Then I hav...

feb 21 2019 ∞
mar 3 2019 +

Mint water - headaches, heartburn, bad breath

jan 18 2019 ∞
mar 12 2019 +
  • abatido - dejected
  • cordonerrie - shoe repair store
  • el atentado - attemp, assault
  • tiroteo - shooting
  • no obstante - however, nevertheless, in spite of
  • tarumbo - confused
  • no se ni como fue - i don't even know who it happened
  • clavel - carnation
  • sin cruzar palabra - without words
  • knowns : outset, precipitated by, endorse, efficACY, cultivate, confine
  • contest - struggle for victory/superiority, dispute
  • vincular - (sp) to link
  • conterminous - having a com
  • vociferous
  • pariah
  • recalcritant
dec 29 2018 ∞
jun 1 2019 +
  • Language is a place of struggle , Bell Hooks
  • We shall enjoy rice as long as the moon shines at night
  • a halo of dust was floating over the city like pollen
  • we were presented with a myriad of tea samples on a tray. i opened bottles and bottles of blends with intriguing names like pearl of the nile. once my fickle mind was settled, the chosen blend came in a little teapot, perfectly steeped.
  • you tiao just came out a vat of bubbling oil
  • bowls of baby shrimp, scallions, and pickled vegetables to be stirred in a bowl of salty soy milk.
  • With loving flight down my hell
  • thy spring's sortilege
  • the golden sepulchre for my sighs, Octavio paz
dec 28 2018 ∞
dec 28 2018 +
  • Chapli Kabab (Beef Patties with Peshawari Spice, Pomegranates, Cilantro), Fresh Tandoori Naan
  • Malai Chicken Tikka (Chicken Marinated in Cheese, Yoghurt, Mild Spices)
  • Empanadas de Rajas (Roasted Poblano and Cheese)
  • koofteh berenji (persian meatballs with rice and raisins)
  • koofteh shevid baghali - dill and lima beans kofta
  • ghalieh mahi - fish herb stew
  • Hobak Pajeon (Zucchini Jeon)
  • Gochu Pajeon (fresh cut chillies)
  • Greek
  • Tiropita (Greek Pie with Cheese)
  • Prasopita (Greek Pie with Cheese, Leeks, Onions)


may 18 2018 ∞
jun 18 2019 +

Alarik, Allette, Alsing Aretas,

  • Rüyalarımda görüyorum.

Saçlarımı Haydi, Getir ellerini,

Sarsari,Pazhmordeh, Golpareh Samdeh

  • Talita
  • Erchetai
  • Chorismou
  • Hripsimeh
  • Hratchouhi
  • Keghetzig
  • Khatchouhi
  • Pakradouhi
  • Etemad (trust, persian)
  • Afarinesh
  • Ayineh
  • Yeprouhi
jan 1 2018 ∞
mar 3 2019 +
  • Aw ru Nat'yemma : Gadelo' me shim nes hailayu, Gadelo' baqim nes hailayu, Aw ru Nat'yemma gaderoh, Aw ru Nat'yemma takram gil shemat hanasyiw. Vano dalim saq ba shim nes, Vano dalim sag, Gham rabiswe' vano?, Balayiw shehmargh i'ivarat kim, Nesu yarahvi holekh, Nesu yarahvi banow, A'yi nehlachi voy ant. Aw ru Nat'yemma ba hruvim? Sheiluyadar tasmi qe'lu ba? Sheiluyadar a raw him Gadelo' vah nabi, Uryu' gadoli se shim heht? Beyma nes tohri Nat'yemma bdel!
  • Va ru dis nehmalu yahev, se khranabi osh toh morech. Gadoli se heht mim raqowl bis niwv. Va ru dis gha helayuv ima', barudis helayuv ima'. Bey danis veh shawlayim beh ru chahs. Beh na ru viyachilaw tah no'ereh la vaiye. Vaiye behshelwi gadis 'em Nawrvut. Gadoli se heht bawlki, qaruvi sheh mest lawsqi, me'enaw rahi bay mek mahlistu.
aug 20 2018 ∞
aug 20 2018 +
  • Sweet Soy Bean Milk, Sweet Soy Bean Curd, Salted Soy Bean Milk, Salted Soy Bean Curd, Crispy Dough, Sesame Cake, Scallion Pancake, Crispy Dough, Fried Bun with Chives and Egg, Steamed Buns
  • kathi roll (egg washed housemade flatbread, onions, pico kachumber)
  • pani puri (semolina puri, potato garbanzo mash, cumin tamarind water)
  • kabab pav (chicken kofta meatballs on buttered pav bread, pickled onions)
  • buttery flaky focaccia panini
  • vegan fruit and nut salami withpistachios, dried figs, dates, apricots
jan 16 2018 ∞
jul 9 2019 +
  • de meme - likewise, too
  • faire de meme - do likewise
  • tout de meme - all the same
  • de meme que - as well as, along with
  • le bruit - the sound
  • la tonnerre - the thunder
  • la loi - law
  • le chiffre - figure, number
  • le tableau - chart
  • ainsi - therefore
  • le fond - background
  • ceci - this
  • se laver - lavarse
  • vous pouvez - you can
  • peur de noir - fear of the dark
  • surpoids - overweight
  • tu devrais - you should
  • lancement, accueil, ensuite, suivre, parcours, tige, toit, le gant, soie, chacun, souvent
  • sous la pluie - in the rain
jun 14 2018 ∞
aug 21 2018 +
  • moon-scented candle
  • daisy storage canisters
  • chanel light green caviar tote bag
  • gin tonic dark chocolate bar
  • a bundle of greek mountain tea
  • wild blueberry raw chocolate
  • greek fir tree honey
  • brown butter banana bread
  • lemongrass and mint saffron tea
  • white balsamic vinegar with honey
  • cretan thyme honey
  • tellicherry peppercorns
  • chocolate rum pudding with candied violet
  • herbs de provence
  • hand-harvested sea salt from ile de france
  • thick udon noodles
  • balsamic and roasted garlic sauce
  • gold coffee drip stand
  • marimekko pitcher
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may 10 2018 +

they took so much of us it was like throwing berries into a basket how many filipinos buried in the same colonial casket adorned with a cross, gold, like the imperviousness of ivory and the gradual decay of bronze walls, leaving bare the core of brown self-ness; so gone, so gone it was taken away and made equated to hell i see paintings of the devil why is he portrayed as blackened why is he portrayed like my ancestors my history is sepia depicting threadbare savages barefeet, bareminded, bare civilizations of paganism and animalistic virtues my history is the white man, the savior in layers of stuffy clothing and swathed in the scent of spanish uncleanliness and the acridity of their god's damnation intermingled with the rosewater vapors of their god's promise of civilizacion my history is either pre-hispanic or post-colonialism it is never without either of these labels my history is sha...

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  • Pandan Brioche with Coconut Jam
  • Lightly Battered Banh Xeo Broccoli
  • Salt Cod Beignets with Tartar Sauce
  • Yucatan Lime Soup
feb 19 2018 ∞
mar 3 2019 +

The sun sets on the lives of the young boys and girls before they're even born. child marriages turn tender aged children into adults overnight. they become bearers of economic, domestic, parental responsibilities. I was 10 when i was married; i could not study. my childhood was taken away from me. my mom said i could study after i got married but i knew that wasnt going to happen, i was no longer their daughter anymore. my sorrow began once i got married. i had no idea what marriage meant.all the money we had was spent on the wedding. my first child happened when i was 14. it is a child giving birth to a child. the doctors said my child died because i was too young. they face pressure to have a child within one or two years after marriage. if we marry them young, the family honor remains intact, we hear about young couples eloping and bringing dishonor to the family. this is our old beli...

mar 10 2018 ∞
mar 10 2018 +
  • Ger = large round felt-covered tent
  • Hoomii = overtone singing
  • Morin huur = horse-headed 2 string bowed lute
  • Shingshil = vocal vibrato, ornamentation
  • Tsohil = glottal stops,
  • amyrga = calls deer during hunting, 2 and a half feet long
  • Urtyn duu = long songs
  • Bon = Tibet's indigenous religion
  • dung chen trumpets may extend 15 feet, very low sustained sound
  • rgya-gling = loud double reeds
  • kungling trumpets = made w human bone
  • rul-mo cymbals
  • nga chin = double headed drum
  • brdung = beat
mar 4 2018 ∞
mar 4 2018 +


  • el arce - maple tree
  • aterizar - to land
  • astro - planet
  • acorazado - battleship
  • arrepentirse - to repent
  • acertar - to guess correctly
  • apartado - isolated
  • albergar - to house, to hold, to bear in mind
  • a lo lejos - in the distance
  • agudo - sharp
  • agudizar - to sharpen, to make worse
  • agitar - to shake
  • arrollar - to defeat, to run over
  • agasajar - to celebrate
  • apresuradamente - hurriedly
  • acontecer - to take place, to occur
  • atropelladamente - hastily
  • ansina - like this
  • apoderar - to authorize
feb 10 2018 ∞
jun 13 2018 +
  • tabbouleh
  • rose milk tea
  • grilled eel rice bowl
  • water
  • iced americano with honey
  • iced coffee with coconut milk
  • trader joes gummy penguins
  • see's candy cafe latte lollipops
  • escargot chocolat
  • pain au chocolat
  • tacos al pastor
  • trader joes kale edamame salad
  • grapefruit juice at mimis cafe
  • lychee calpico
  • cotija ice cream with jamaica ice cream
  • banana milk
  • creme brulee
  • curry katsu
  • sisig with fried egg
  • kimchi jeon
  • persian cucumbers
nov 21 2017 ∞
nov 21 2017 +
  • merendero - picnic area
  • forastero - stranger
  • chiringuito - refreshment stand
  • frotar - to rub
  • vaho - breath, steam, whiff
  • mensualidad - monthly salary
  • canturrear - hum, sing softly
  • cabecera - headboard, head of a text/heading
  • lacio - straight, lank (without body), wilted, limp
  • simplonamente - simply
  • blusón - smock, large blouse
  • cesto - basket
  • comestible - edible
  • estancarse - to stagnate (paralyze)
  • párroco - parish priest
  • arrodillarse - to kneel down
  • retornar - to return
  • rizada - curly
  • desazón - uneasiness
jun 27 2017 ∞
dec 25 2017 +
  • Great India, San Francisco : chicken tikka masala, vegetable biryani, garlic naan; everything 5/5
  • Mimi's Cafe, Oakley : brie and mushroom burger 3.0/5 (a little bland, but that brie was amazing, came with a undersalted and very skinny fries),

french dip sandwich with salad 4.2/5 (not as good as the au jus sandwich i had like four years ago in Solvang but still pretty tasty), grapefruit juice, and the best cheesecake ive ever had ... the first bite was a very sensual experience - creme brulee cheesecake .. all of this served by a very handsome guy with jet black hair

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jun 12 2017 +
  • Venustiano Carranza, Siqueros, Sinaloa
  • Aringay, Ilocos Region
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apr 17 2017 +
  • Jade
  • Jasper
  • Peruvian opal
  • Pink opaline
  • Mother of pearl
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  • a fountain made of sweet chili sauce
  • pretty packaged asian snacks (pearl powdered drink
  • lush green land in Vietnam that doesnt seem to end
feb 26 2017 ∞
jun 28 2017 +
  • to be excited - estar ilusionado
  • to be jealous of - tener celos de
  • to be lucky - tener suerte
  • to beat - batir
  • beaten - batido
  • to beautify - embellecer
  • to become - hacerse
  • beforehand - de antemano
  • behave well/badly - comportarse bien/mal
  • behavior - la conducta, el comportamiento
  • behind - detras (de)
  • to belong - pertenecer
  • beneath - bajo
  • for the benefit of - a beneficio de
  • besides - el billar
  • bitter - amargo
  • blanket - la manta
  • to boil - hervir
  • boiled - hervido
  • boring - pesado
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