• many asian american students feel uncomfortable to speak up in class
  • silent in "thought"
  • quiet = traditional asian culture?
  • native english-speaking asians as shy as limited english-speaking asians
  • "situational non-assertiveness" "internalized oppression"
  • Paulo Friere says that oppression makes the oppressed dehumanize themselves
  • oppressed people come to believe that the source of their problems lie in themselves, and not in their oppression by other people
  • memmi "are we timid because we let ourselves be oppressed?"
  • oppression hinders one's ability to think and reflect, they cant easily perceive the structural conditions of their lives
  • they dont look critically at their stereotype "they fatalistically accept their exploitation"

they react in a passive manner, "culture of silence"

  • the educational system does not teach us joy of knowledge, doesnt encourage capacity of natural intelligence , but we comply to a way of learning that is limiting and disempowering
  • teachers are seen as legitimate holders of knowledge
  • a good student is quiet and unquestioning
  • abilities and intelligence become defined solely by grades
  • in early 70s, asian-americans adopted passive and quiet behavior as a way to survive their oppression
  • education is seen as way to fight off racism
  • invisibility is a way to fight off being racially targeted
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