The sun sets on the lives of the young boys and girls before they're even born. child marriages turn tender aged children into adults overnight. they become bearers of economic, domestic, parental responsibilities. I was 10 when i was married; i could not study. my childhood was taken away from me. my mom said i could study after i got married but i knew that wasnt going to happen, i was no longer their daughter anymore. my sorrow began once i got married. i had no idea what marriage meant.all the money we had was spent on the wedding. my first child happened when i was 14. it is a child giving birth to a child. the doctors said my child died because i was too young. they face pressure to have a child within one or two years after marriage. if we marry them young, the family honor remains intact, we hear about young couples eloping and bringing dishonor to the family. this is our old belief and this is what we practice. when a child bride enters her in-laws' house, she is considered the lowest member of the household.she is not allowed to leave the house for 5 to 7 years. i cried when my wedding was fixed.

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