• Who is the most relevant person in our time? Why?
  • What is the most honest thing you have known? Why?
  • What physical thing do you want to build most? Why?
  • What is the ugliest thing you know? Why?
  • What is the most significant event of the last three months? Why?
  • What force of history are you most aware of as you plan for your life? Why?
  • What thing makes you feel the most humble? Why?
  • What is the greatest value that guides your life? Why?
  • If you were tape-recording the sound of violence, what sound would you use? Why?
  • What sound would you use for beauty? Why?
  • What one idea does everyone in this room want to hear? Why?
  • What skill do you need in order to succeed? Why?
  • What talent should you develop? Why?
  • What institution is in need of change most? Why?
  • What word best describes advertising? Why?
  • Choose a word to describe a sunset? Why?
  • What TV advertisement bothers you the most? Why?
  • What will you be doing ten years from now? Why?
  • What will save American politics? Why?
  • What is the greatest music ever composed? Why?
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user picture Miss Meliss: 4) Ugliest thing I've come to realize is how people are judged by how they look before you get a chance to know them. I've never experienced such discrimination in my life but am starting to realize that our society is still not as open minded as I once believed. We still judge and dont give people a chance and that makes the world a pretty ugly place to be. jul 19 2009