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∘ my anti-anxiety meds are making me more anxious hoo boy ∘ i'm bribing myself into catching up on this and last season with fullmetal alchimist ∘ guess who bought a a rabbit-headed lipstick ∘ animal crossing owns my entire ass

I am obsessively putting more effort into Animal crossing than I do in my real life I have been drinking wild amounts of peppermint tea for someone who dislikes the taste of mint in general and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp owns my entire ass for real though, I’m 18, live in france (the shit side, though), and.. why yes, I am anime trash!

in my spare time (aka when I’m not contemplating my existence, studying, sleeping, or generally avoiding being productive) I like to watch anime and read manga. I like to draw, but am nowhere near confident enough to be posting my scribbles publicly yet.

I like all sorts of things, and I think my listography is a good (see: messy) reflection of that. but a good thing to know is that Berserk, Skyrim, Animal crossing, Pokemon, Adventure time, and 5cm per second are some of the things that make me happiest. so expect those kind of things here, along with bees, memes, shitposting, and existential bullshit.

listen i'm just trying to find the balance between memeing, shitposting, shitty anime, and aesthetic blogging

i have been watching a lot of rupaul's drag race and read berserk recently so i'm feeling kinda confrontational and extra. i'm slowly start drawing again and it's stressful because sketching ??? lineart ??? proportions ??? i just wanna colour shit. i'm a pretty agreeable person, as long as you're not talking down to me (in the non-punny way because i'm actually very short) i'm easy to talk to, i am definitely a listener though and will only offer my genuine thoughts if asked to.

feb 22 2018 ∞
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