• there's something velvet and refined in your voice, sweeter than a melody escaped from your lips. quiet syllables, measured, meticulous-- i could only expect nothing less but nonetheless you've got me twirled in a dream. i'd love to get used to this
    • get used to y-o-u
  • perhaps it was the most infinitesimal of moments, but if only for that moment i garner enough courage to lock and hold your eyes
    • lips parted so slightly, slow charm: you have the loveliest smile.
  • lately i've been daydreaming and it's you, it's you, it's you.
      • and maybe it always will be
    • if only i had swallowed my pride and let chemistry find it's way from you to me
      • it's true, you and i would have been a sight to see
  • i've always counting minutes and seconds when they turn to hours and months. i've always waited and i've always stalled-- what better do i know?
    • and now you've flown out of reach, out of arm's distance, and i'm out of touch
    • i can only hope an opportunity like you (or maybe you) will come my way some day
  • each day i am reminded tenfold: there is no one who comes close to you. not even close.
  • i think i've found you. keep me here.
aug 6 2010 ∞
sep 10 2011 +