• charming/dashing etc
  • an absolute believer in fidelity
  • lighthearted and snarky sense of humor-- all in relatively good tastes
  • someone who moves me and inspires me to be better
  • has an affinity for cooking (or at the very least, will try for my sake)
  • considerate and conscious
  • can comfort me, can have serious and frank conversations with
  • bold, alluring
  • will drive me around on the weekends
  • shares my passion for food and trying new things
  • intelligent
  • eager to take naps with me
  • family oriented -- has hopes of one day starting a family
  • good-looking
  • can sing or at least tries for my sake
  • unassuming and affable
  • it's funny, you know, because i've always projected this notion of my ideal kind of guy, all meticulously mapped out from his disposition to the words he'd reserve strictly for me, from the gist of his humor to the ways he'd show me love; and i think of these things and more, and at the risk of sounding terribly and sincerely cliche, honestly think that what you've given me (unexpected and unlikely a pair as we were, at first glance) is incomparable. i've tried and tried again to configure it, the way i do, translate these feelings into spoken word, written word, but for once i am rendered incapable of measuring those i love yous and the sense of security i feel, that sense of time and when i will i see you next?'s, easy days with your hand in mine and we drive this city aimlessly. tried to put into words all those passing moments of silence-- over dinner at a restaurant, over the phone when we're both drowsy with sleep, in the confines of my car where every word seems to resound-- all the pieces you've strung together, seemingly out the blue: "things are so much more simpler when you're around," and i'm floored, wondering how it could all be mine. there was a time before you when i wondered if it could ever be mine-- if it could stay that way. just know that i'm in it all the way. and i've tried time and time again but i think simple says it best, i fell in love with the world in you, and one day, i'll find the words to thank you.
aug 14 2010 ∞
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