• I would travel a lot- New York City, Italy, Australia, Colorado and Arizona mostly
  • I would donate a large sum to charities I'm passionate about
  • I would buy my entire family cars- I'd choose a convertible VW Bug
  • I would either revamp our current house or buy parents an entirely new house
  • I would go on a dream shopping spree for fashionable clothing
  • I would buy every single downloaded song on Itunes that I've stolen
  • I would buy the entire discology of my favorite bands
  • I would get a tattoo when I turned 18
  • I would save money for a rainy day so I'd still be able to have a dream job
  • I would buy the whole of Ikea
  • I would invest in new camera equipment
  • I would go to a lot of shows/concerts along with Warped Tour
feb 9 2011 ∞
mar 20 2011 +