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Hi! I'm Marvelous_Turtles (of course, you can always just call me Karson)! I mostly came here to find lists of fanfictions and music- but might make some lists myself too! Either way, I wish you have a wonderful day! Bye! <3

ash links (♡ ot7 fic recs ♡)
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links (♡ vmon fic recs ♡)
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  • 1- I would LOVE to publish a novel that I wrote all on my own!
  • 2- Visit another country. I've always wanted to see the beautiful sights of other countries.
  • 3- Read all of Shakespeare's writings. 'Cause who doesn't??
  • 4- Have authentic Pho. Because a number of times my dad has talked about how delicious it is- yet never takes me somewhere to have it is amazing.
  • 5- Own a turtle. Who doesn't like turtles??
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