• Looking At The Cars That Drive By
    • Seokjin is completely taken with the tall blond man who works at the gas station not far from his flowershop.
    • (flower shop au/gas station au/fluff/one shot/5k+)
  • Can I Get Your Dewey Decimal Number?
    • Seokjin loved working at the library, but some patrons got on his nerves. Take, for example, the grown man who sat in the corner every day and leeched off of the Wi-Fi. And Seokjin worked in the children’s department.
    • (library au/fluff/one shot/10k+)
  • You Make My Smile Brighter
    • If Jin knew his dentist would be so attractive, he would have started an intense dental care regime long ago.
dec 10 2016 ∞
feb 7 2017 +
  • Mint Yoongi
    • AU where Min Yoongi is a model from Big Hit Agency and Jung Hoseok is a professional hair stylist. Yoongi hates bleaching his hair, and Hoseok massages Yoongi's head for longer than is probably necessary. Hoseok might be a little too gay to deal with a stunning male model.
    • (fluff/chaptered/5k+)
  • Bitter & Sweet
    • Yoongi has been going to the same coffee shop every day for over a year now. He enjoys everything about his morning routine until Hoseok shows up and turns everything upside down. (In which Hoseok is a barista and Yoongi is a salty little shit)
    • (coffee shop au/fluff/chaptered/10k+)
  • this feeling this everglow
dec 10 2016 ∞
feb 17 2017 +
  • Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight
    • When their leader Namjoon gave him the responsibility of looking after the newest addition of their coven, Jimin had been nervous because he knew it was no easy task. Still, he never imagined things would end up as they did.
    • (vampire au/chaptered/25k+)
  • I want to look like art
    • Jungkook dances ballet. Jimin dances Hip-hop. Hoseok thinks Jungkook has to loosen up a little bit.
    • (dance au/one shot/5k+)
  • dear diary, holy crap i think i'm in lov...
    • jungkook's art class is going on a trip for a showcase and asks jimin to house sit; needless to say, jimin sits on more than he bargained for: the fact that jungkoo...
dec 10 2016 ∞
apr 7 2017 +
  • Betting
    • Hoseok places a bet with Yoongi and Jimin and it doesn't turn out like he expected.
    • (smut/chaptered/4k+)
  • In Bloom
    • Hoseok works at a flower shop and Taehyung buys dead plants.
    • (flower shop au/fluff/one shot/4k+)
  • You Had Me at Hello
    • When Taehyung finally saves enough money for a beach side holiday with his two best friends he doesn't really expect to meet a complete stranger who may end up being more. It starts with a simple hello.
    • (fluff/one shot/4k+)
  • Of Love and Lactose
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apr 7 2017 +