• Name: Tatiana Baker
  • Species: American Shorthair
  • Height: 155cm / Weight: 49kg
  • Hair color: Dyed Azure/ Black
  • Eye color: gray
  • Born: 1990
  • Color: blue (derp)
  • Drink: jasmine tea
  • Food: anything with pork
  • hobbies: reading. Books. Reading. More reading. Crying into her pillow at night.
  • Born 1990, Tatiana had the rare misfortune of having a highly dysfunctional yet perfectly aware and intelligent family that kept her from being noticed (and protected) by social services. Her early years of life could be described as merely unpleasant; Whilst she received love and affection from her father and grandparents, her narcissistic, manipulative mother constantly exerted subtle but effective contro...
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