• not revising enough for my A-levels
  • not working hard enough in the last year of uni
  • not taking an extra year to learn stuff I didn't learn while I was in France
  • not making the most of France
  • not going to lectures and learning while I was in France
  • staying in love with D for so long
  • not giving myself a chance to find someone else for so many years
  • basing too much of my self-worth on how much D liked me for so long
  • not starting to exercise while I was younger
  • not being a bit more slaggy as a teenager
  • not spending more time with my friends
  • spending so much of school being afraid of people making fun of me
  • not carrying on with Art for longer, or at least doing more of it in my spare time
dec 15 2011 ∞
dec 18 2011 +