• big living room, not little and pokey like in all the rented houses I've lived in
  • big kitchen/dining room combined
  • bathroom leading off a hallway, NOT through the kitchen or living room
  • nice size bedroom
  • spare bedroom to use as a study/library/sewing room
  • detached or semi-detached if possible- I don't like the way terraced houses are set out, and they don't have insulation or thick walls most of the time. Plus they usually have rubbish gardens and small windows, and no proper parking space
  • a leafy garden with plants and grass
  • a driveway that's not difficult to drive into
  • big windows, lots of light
  • french windows leading from the living room/other reception room to the back garden would be nice
  • a hallway that's wider than one fat person.
  • a modern kitchen- no bloody aga or anything. and plenty of counter space.
  • not a boring, square, new brick house. something with a bit of interest and character. and some plants and trees etc around the front so it looks nicer.
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