• over the garden wall - 10/10 (this was so cute and so good and the story was great and so was the plot mwah I loved it)
  • gravity falls - 9.8/10 (way good, loved the plot twist and the sci-fi/horror aspect to it, just had a few nit picks)
  • steven universe - 7.9/10 (was super good but felt really rushed on the characters and especially the ending, which was disappointing, did get some cries out of me tho)
  • amazing world of gumball - 8/10 (was funny and i enjoyed the characters but the lack of overall plot was disappointing)
  • fairly odd parents - 7/10 (yo was lowkey surprised at the actual plot points, it was good and a staple of my childhood)
  • powerpuff girls (old) - 7/10 (had good plot and bubbles was my icon, i generally enjoyed it)
  • infinity train s1 & s2 - 8.5/10 (a really cool concept, the first season was my favorite, the 2nd season was good too but the first one was top tier, animation was nice too!)
  • avatar - the last airbender - 9.8/10 (so good omg the animation and fight scenes were so good and i got rly attached to the characters i love them sm)
  • bee and puppycat - 5/10 (the art was so pretty and they had a really good concept it was just executed very poorly, i loved the characters tho)

------------------------------------------------------------- need to watch:

    • the boondocks
    • the owl house
    • smiling friends
    • infinity train (S3)
    • star vs the forces of evil
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