• top gun: maverick - 9.5/10 (really good plot and even tho i hadn’t seen the first one it was still good and would stand well as a stand alone movie)
  • jurassic world: dominion - 7/20 (really long but was pretty good, the cgi for the dinosaurs wasn’t that good tho tbh)
  • transformers - 8/10 (i just really like this movie, it’s got a lot of nostalgia for me)
  • transformers: revenge of the fallen - 7/10 (this one’s pretty dang good too but it just doesn’t quite hit like the first one, also not enough bumblebee in it)
  • transformers: dark of the moon - 7.5/10 (i have the most nostalgia with this one, the stupid little autobots that live with sam carry this movie)
  • bumblebee - 8.5/10 (perfect amount of bumblebee in it, very cute relationship he had with the girl, i want him as my friend)
  • transformers: age of extinction - 7/10 (not as good as the first but it’s not too bad, i have a lot of nostalgia with this movie and we get more bee so i’m happy)
  • transformers: the last knight - 6/10 (wasn’t the biggest fan of this one but my love for optimus prime and bumblebee keep me from rating this an lower)
  • transformers: rise of the beasts - 4/10 (cgi looked so bad, plot was boring, but i love bumblebee and optimus and this is my guilty pleasure series)
  • barbie movie - 7/10 (not too bad, too cheesy and on the nose for my taste, but still cute and for a tear or two out of me)
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