• I use blockchain and I block easily
  • if breaking mutual or you've muted me(dunno how you will see this lmao), please softblock thx :°<
  • Ships i rn like: leehop / dnhp!!!, dnkb(not kbdn), elricest, leerose, raialli, sefikura, kbnz, dnnz, other ships problematic or not.
  • Games&stuff: FF7R, Pokémon, some bnha, The Millionaire Detective, Souls series+Bloodborne, Hellsing, Fatal Frame, etc.
  • I don't enjoy much watching noncon but I'm chill af with ppl who like it and sometimes I might rt it. Moods, heh.
  • I don't share the notps/character I don't like or thoughts about them in public because I don't like to create discomfort especially in these times of crisis, where many are trying to find comfort how they can & where they can. I don't tolerate ships and characters hate/making fun of, t...
jun 28 2020 ∞
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