• Families - Fair enough its nice to know should you need somebody that there will always be a bunch of people you can turn to but should you have to pay for this boon by being obliged to attend every single bastard semi-significant day in their lives?
  • John Lennon - Yeah, get fucked the Beatles were good - no-one's arguing that but the solo years? I'd rather listen to a cat getting skull fucked in the earhole than 'Whatever Gets You Through The Night' again. Jesus Christ he ain't.
  • Free Speech - Some dickheads don't deserve the right to breath let alone waste valuable air articulating whatever borderline retard thoughts are rattling through their brains. See almost any politcal party, social or political commentator on T.V or critic - SPECIFICALLY the simple irish twat on Newsnight review who dresses like Minnie Mouse. YOU'RE 47!!!
  • The Summer - Right, Summer holidays THE most boring time of the year. Everyone's either fucked off/too fucking hot to move/too fucking poor to be able to afford to do anything/or working like a cunt in a shit job during the hottest, bastard time of the year. Surely it would make more sense to move the school year so you and all your university/high school/primary school peeps where in each others company while the sun's out?
  • Kevin Spacey - He can't act. No hang on, that's a bit harsh - he's been masquerading as a straight, oscar-worthy, 'thespian' since round about '95 now. He brings the same boring monotone voice to every role wasted on him, he radiates almost as much warmth as a used condom and is almost as pleasant to look at. Oh, and while we're at it American Beauty was wank as well, shit middle aged Fight Club wannabe shit.
  • Mobile Phones - People cry on about CCTV, 'Big Brother', Privacy laws etc etc etc. but surely worse than these is the mobile phone. Since Nokia et al swarmed into our collective lives every single twerp who you've misguidedly given your number to has deemed themselves worth of being able to swamp you with unwanted text messages at every.hour.of.the.fucking.day.or.night. Of course, I'm hypocritical enough to own one.
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