Use this dice to play:

Your name is (Initials are KS), and you have just divorced your husband. He was abusive to you and your children, and you finally got out of the environment. You were very young when you married. Your now ex-husband (initials are GMR) never sees his children. Within a year he was thrown in prison for theft and battery. You were (roll the dice, put a 2 in front of it) when you divorced. You got complete custody, and now you go by your maiden name, (must begin with a ‘G’).

You are quite depressed, because you have (roll dice for the corresponding number) children together, and you’re not used to being alone. (Ex: If you roll an 8, you only do number 8)

1: Three year old Triplet girls; Names from here:

2: Six year old Twin boys; Names from here:

3: Two year old girl; Name from here:

4: One year old boy; Name from here:

5: Six year old girl, three year old boy, newborn girl twins; Names from here:

6: Three year old boy, Two year old boy girl twins; Names from here:

7: Six year old boy, Three year old girl, Two year old girl; Names from here:

8: Two year old twin boys, Newborn girl; Names from here:

One of your children (Name here) is having trouble in school. You go and talk to his/her teacher, but come out with a date. The teacher is a recently divorced, handsome man named (Name here). He is (Roll the dice, add a 2 in front of it), and he has (roll the dice for the number) children of his own.

(Roll the dice) years later, your boyfriend proposes to you. How old are your children now? You decide to move in together, even before the wedding. It would just be easier that way. You move into a beautiful house. (Post a picture please.)

What kind of wedding do you have?

1 or 2: Rolls Royce

3 or 4: When life hands you lemons, have a wedding!

5 or 6: Kilt Wedding

7 or 8: Chinese Umbrella Wedding

What is your life like? How many children do you have?

{I was inspired to make this after doing a baby name game on}

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