• http://www.groceryalerts.ca/coupontracker/ Lets you track how much you've saved.
  • Walmart only accepts coupons at face value. (A .75 coupon will only take .75 off of your bill)
  • Albertsons only accepts original coupons and does not accept photocopied or reproduced coupons (including multiple prints of same series internet coupons).
  • Albertsons will accept ONE manufacturer coupon and ONE store coupon on the same qualifying item.
  • The coupon redemption value on ‘Free’ coupons may not exceed the value of the item.
  • Albertsons DOES allow manufacturer coupons that state they cannot be ‘doubled’ to be used in conjunction with a Twice the Value store coupon.
  • Twice the Value store coupons can only be used in combination with a $1.00 or less manufacturer coupon (a printed face value of $1.01 or greater cannot be combined with Twice the Value store coupons).
  • http://albertsons.shoplocal.com/albertsons/default.aspx?action=entryflash&CityStateZip=99352 Albertsons ads online
  • How to organize a coupon binder http://thekrazycouponlady.com/10-days-to-become-a-krazy-coupon-lady-day-5/
  • Print off store coupon policies http://thekrazycouponlady.com/2010/10/08/store-coupon-policies-how-to-request-your-own-copy/
  • Safeway: Stores in the Pacific NW (Oregon & So WA) distribute double coupons in the weekly ad. There are usually 3-4 of them and they double coupons up to $0.50 in value.
  • Albertsons: “Twice the Value” coupons in their weekly ads. These twice the value coupons double any coupon up to $1.00 in value when you shop with your Albertsons Preferred Card.
  • SCR: Single Check Rebate, Rite Aid Drugstore monthly rebate program. Each month pick up your rebate booklet to see hundreds of dollars in possible rebate savings. Shop with coupons, save your receipts and enter quick information online. The SCR system stores all your rebates and totals them each month. Request your monthly check be mailed to you and cash it like any other check! No clipping barcodes or UPCs, no mailing or stamping an envelope.
  • B1G1: Buy One, Get One
  • OOP: Out of Pocket
  • I always ask my checker if they want all the coupons at the end, or as we go. It varies on the store and checker.

If they want them all at the end, I usually don’t hand them the whole stack. I will give them one set, tell them what it is for and how many I have (this helps, because the less reading and counting they have to do, the happier they are)

  • If you are separating your items into multiple transactions, just put one transaction on the conveyor belt at a time. If someone jumps in line behind you, just finish your transaction and get in line behind them.
  • Stock Up Prices:

Cheese $3.99/2lb Ground Beef $1.75/lb Chicken $1.67/lb Milk $1.89/gallon (whole)- I freeze my milk if it’s lower than this and I want to really stock up Cleaning Supplies (lysol wipes, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, ect) $0.50 or less Toothpaste/brushes FREE Cereal $0.75 per box or less Brownie and Cookie Mixes Less than $0.50 or less Dish Soap $0.25 Cheap Toilet Paper FREE Charmin Toilet Paper for my picky husband $6 for the Double Roll 9 packs Kotex Pads FREE Johnson Buddies FREE Granola Bars $0.50 Chinet Paper Plates $0.50 Bisquick $0.90 Fruit Snacks $0.50 or less Good Deodorant $0.5o Cheap Deodorant FREE Men’s Body Wash $0.50 or less

  • One Coupon per Purchase: Refers to your ability to use one coupon per item. Meant to enforce the point that you may not use two of the exact same coupon for one item.
  • When your cashier tells you, “you can only use one coupon, because these say, ‘Limit one per purchase‘”, ask your cashier, “How many am I purchasing?“ NOT one per transaction


  • B1G1 free store coupon + B1G1 manufacturers coupon = FREE!

For the show I purchased some of my coupons (pasta sauce and noodles) from websites like collectablecoupons.com. I bought 40 of each coupon at about a nickel a piece. Coupon Sites:


  • For every $20, you get $5 off with their Save Instantly Promo from scanning your preferred card.
  • There are Catalina's for $5 off your next order
  • Sales run on a Wednesday to Tuesday cycle
  • Shop from Sunday to Tuesday to use that Sunday's and previous Wednesday's doubler coupons in a single transaction.



  • Get an Albertson's Preferred Card
  • Print out Store Coupon Policies
  • Buy and organize a coupon binder
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