» "I keyboard smash, use caps a lot, and sometimes use tone indicators"

sometimes I cant be really hyper, bear with me lol

» "I'm very critical of media I consume, and in general very opinionated"

basically, I'm just very critical of media, especially ones I like. I'm also very opinionated and like analyzing things as well as rants/discussions. fyi, I won't do things like that when it's not appropriate or makes people uncomfortable though

» "I like some things in fiction that can be considered problematic, but I absolutely don't condone those things irl"

I won't say what in specific because a lot could possibly be triggering topics for people, but generally I like some problematic tropes and problematic ship tropes/dynamics as well. however, like I said, I don't support/condone any of that stuff in real life

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» "take kinning, comfort characters/ships too seriously"

basically, just don't act all crazy with your kins/ccs. I'm not saying to not have any, but I don't want to interact with people who act like they legit own their comfort character/kin. it's hard to deal with and (because of past experiences) I can't stand people with that kind of attitude.

» "harass people over fiction (interests, ships, yumes, favorite characters, etc.) OR defend/condone that harassment, no matter what it is"

self explanatory. don't be an asshole. I have a strong dislike for people who think it's okay to harass others because of some pixels. whether it be ships, characters, interests, coping mechanisms related to fiction, don't harass people. don't defend/condone it either, it's just as bad.

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