» "I keyboard smash, use caps a lot, and sometimes use tone indicators"

sometimes I cant be really hyper, bear with me lol

» "I'm very critical of media I consume, and in general very opinionated"

basically, I'm just very critical of media, especially ones I like. I'm also very opinionated and like analyzing things as well as rants/discussions. fyi, I won't do things like that when it's not appropriate or makes people uncomfortable though

» "I like some things in fiction that can be considered problematic, but I absolutely don't condone those things irl"

I won't say what in specific because a lot could possibly be triggering topics for people, but generally I like some problematic tropes and problematic ship tropes/dynamics as well. however, like I said, I don't support/condone any of that stuff in real life

» "I don't always follow back"

whether it be I fit your dni, forget to, feel uncomfortable, or generally just don't want to, don't always expect a follow back from me

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