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Fraternal twin, brunette, Christian, police wife, knowledgeable about television but also really enjoy reading, close to my family, especially my best friend whom I "carry in my heart", my twin sister Elizabeth.

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In honor of the National Spelling Bee (which I love), a list of all the words I remember misspelling in various spelling bees. 1st through 2nd grade were in front of the school.

  • 1st grade: tortoise (One of the Hunter twins beat Elizabeth and me because of this word; I feel like it was Justin)
  • 2nd grade: radish (spelled with two d's)
  • 5th grade: mayonnaise (during the school spelling bee and spelled with 2 s's instead of n's, but the other girl misspelled a word, too, so I actually ended up winning with the super simple meteorologist to go on to the district)
  • 5th grade: dumbbell (in the District Spelling Bee; left out a b; I felt really stupid, especially since I had just struggled to figure out barleycorns which of course is very easy, but I had no clue what it was since the definition was a measure of weight; also it was the same day in February when I had to present my Independent Study Project on Anorexia, so I had been up until 2 something the night before making my poster look better by putting pictures of people like Karen Carpenter and was so tired)

Middle-school spelling bees were lame because I was in the magnet program TLC, so we always went off the official list since the TLC English classes could spell well, and so then I would find out later that the school winner spelled giraffe or something equally idiotic and would be upset because I never won in my class.

  • 6th grade: preferential (spelled with two r's)
  • 7th grade: vaudevillian (spelled without the e)
  • 8th grade: pterodactyl (stupidly replaced the o with an a)

The summer before 12th grade at Governor's School at College of Charleston (Spelling Bee was for "Nerd Week", and even though I wasn't on a team, one team let me join just so I could participate and spell)

  • bourgeois (I think I was trying to spell bourgeoisie instead or got confused or something because I seem to remember putting a letter after the s.)
  • boutonniere (Basically everyone got out on this word until one Asian kid finally got it; I spelled it with two t's and left out an n; I don't remember if I correctly spelled the end part)
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user picture Elizabeth: Are you sure we lost on tortoise? I thought you,William, Jaimie and I all spelled it wrong and then they won on a different word. Your memory seems to be better lately so I should probably trust you. may 26 2009
user picture Laura: Well as you know, you have to spell one more word usually, so maybe that's what you're thinking of? Which still would mean that one of them beat us with the word.