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Fraternal twin, brunette, Christian, police wife, knowledgeable about television but also really enjoy reading, close to my family, especially my best friend whom I "carry in my heart", my twin sister Elizabeth.

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  • Joey and Caitlin- I love them when they're together, but Joey is super pesty when he's with different people or sleeping with Tessa Campinelli as he did in the Degrassi High TV movie called School's Out or something like that.
  • Caitlin Ryan on her own- I've seen some Degrassi Junior High episodes, and she was just so adorable, and I found her acting realistic when she was dealing with the ramifications of having an epileptic seizure at a slumber party. I like her on Degrassi: The Next Generation as a recurring character even though she seems kind of klutzy which is a weird character trait to suddenly manifest as an adult.
  • Spike- I saw when she found out she was pregnant with Emma which was interesting because her mother reacted surprisingly well. I also found her acting better when in Degrassi: The Next Generation she had to deal with Snake cheating on her with Principal Hatzilakos.
  • Snake- He's dorky, and he made mistakes like cheating, but he always seemed really in love with Spike in The Next Generation/was properly full of remorse about his transgressions.
  • Liberty- She was really cute when she was younger and was always having to deal with being embarrassed by her social awkwardness. I always think of when she was running for student government and said, "I, Liberty Van Zandt" in this really entertaining way. I also appreciated that she was able to get together with JT with whom she had been in love for a really long time.
  • JT- He's cute and kind of lame sometimes, but I like him. It really sucked when he got stabbed, and Liberty was so devastated/they never got a chance to try being together again.
  • Alex- She is probably my favorite of the younger characters. She seems like a legitimately cool person, and she made Paige way less annoying by bringing out the best in her.
  • Sean- He's cute and is supposed to be a bad boy; I like him and Emma together, and he looks like a good kisser.
  • Spinner- He's funny and he's usually entertaining.
  • Manny- She cracks me up, and although she seemed somewhat boy-crazy, her character is vulnerable in a way that makes you relate to her even when she's doing something stupid.
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user picture Elizabeth: "Tessa Campinelli? You were FUCKING Tessa Campinelli?...You're such a bastard!" (then Caitlin throws the ring at Joey and locks herself in that room) may 23 2009
user picture Pam: good list. I like some of the new character but old school is where it is at. jun 11 2009
user picture Laura: Yeah, I feel like some of the newer characters are just really annoying, especially those on the most recent seasons like Holly J. jun 18 2009