• kate nash: she was such a big influence for me. because of her i started to listen a another kind of music. i wanted to write poems that tell stories, like she used to do in her songs. her style, cuteness and compositions. i own to her a big part of who i'm today.
  • machado de assis: i know that is weird and not usual at all, but he inspire me. the way that he build a story, and show me how this world is not a farytale, show the reality, blow my mind.
  • érico verissimo: another writer. he involves me like i'm in a cobweb, seriously. and he makes you feel so close of a world and people that 'till this moment you didn't know. it's just amazing how i can't feel that time pass when i'm reading one of his books. i wanna make people feel this way someday.
  • john mayer: okay, his love life is a mess, but god, he write beautiful songs. he makes beautiful things come out of all this mess that is relationships. and he keep going on after all mistakes he done. that is pretty inspiring.
  • hank and john green: they want make a better world. everyone that wants this is a inspirantion for me.
  • florbela espanca: have you ever took a look to her rhymes?
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