• any pronouns (i don't really have preferable pronouns for you to address me, but i usually use he/she/they, i don't use specific neos myself, wouldn't be bothered if you used them towards me)
  • 20 years old
  • libra ☼ taurus ☾ gemini ☊
  • lesbian
  • university student (i don't usually tweet about it and if i do, it's just regular uni life and not really themes connected with my major, unless it's relevant in terms of discourse topic)
  • pl/eng
  • entp 7w8 748 (wei wuxian irl)
  • ok with petnames! (but don't use them in mocking manner pls, if you call me a babygirl, mean it!!)
apr 8 2022 ∞
apr 11 2023 +

✿ i like!

  • genshin impact, honkai impact 3rd, cookie run kingdom, anime (currently very invested in mdzs, link click, jujutsu kaisen, demon slayer, vanitas no carte, blue period, blue lock and all saints street), story-telling games (especially indie like omori or to the moon), webtoons (mainly weak hero), lotr, hobbit & marvel (spidermanverse) movies, osu, soundtracks, reading, writing
apr 8 2022 ∞
jun 12 2022 +

dni if!

  • <15 (it just makes me feel uncomfortable since i have siblings in similar age) and 30>
  • problematic shipper (f.e. incest, pedophilia, glorified rape/non-con)
  • yaeyato shipper (it still makes me feel disturbed and i don't wish to see them on my tl, thank you! i do exceptions, but only if i follow first and your account isn't focused on them, current moots are good)
  • invalidates neopronouns & excludes trans/enby/intersex ppl from sexualities (it's just harmful and yes, genitalia preferences are still valid, but if you don't want to date sb just because they're trans/enby/intersex then you're a bigot)
  • makes fun of xenogenders and constantly starts discourses about it (honestly using xenogenders isn't harmful in any way and transphobia exists no matter if xenogenders exist, so if you're going to cry about ppl creating frog genders, cry about it somewhere else)
apr 8 2022 ∞
jul 11 2023 +

genshin impact player info!

  • 60ar eu server
  • playing since v1.2
  • genshin burnout (i rarely play the game these days, only log in for dailies and resin tbf)
  • raiden ei main
  • i'm crazy i'm sick about kamisato ayaka, don't u dare disrespect her around me (like any other genshin woman, but especially her)
  • dm for uid!

honkai impact 3rd player info!

  • lvl 80 eu server (still scared of breakthrough teehee)
  • relatively new player (playing since v5.7)
  • fu hua & aponia are the loves of my life
  • your average fuki enjoyer
  • dm for uid!

honkai star rail info!

may 25 2022 ∞
jul 17 2023 +

✿ kin list!

  • nick hoult (all saints street)
  • jiang cheng (mdzs)
  • sinbad (magi: the adventure of sinbad)
  • huang shaotian (qzgs)
  • elliot nightray (pandora hearts)
  • cheng xiaoshi (link click)
  • el matador (supa strikas)
  • shidou ryusei (blue lock)
  • zen | hyun ryu (mysmes)
  • louis (beastars)
  • jumin han (mysmes)
  • shu iura (horimiya)
  • vampire cookie (cookie run)
  • shikanoin heizou (genshin impact)
  • durandal (honkai impact 3rd)

✿ comfort characters!

  • kalpas (honkai impact 3rd)
  • noé archiviste (vanitas no carte)
  • power (chainsaw man)
apr 8 2022 ∞
mar 28 2023 +