dni if!

  • <15 (it just makes me feel uncomfortable since i have siblings in similar age) and 25>
  • proshipper (f.e. incest, pedophilia, glorified rape/non-con)
  • yaeyato shipper (it still makes me feel disturbed and i don't wish to see them on my tl, thank you! i do exceptions, but only if i follow first and your account isn't focused on them, current moots are good)
  • invalidates neopronouns
  • supports mspec lesbians (i'm very sensitive when it comes to lesbian discourse)
  • dream smp and internet celebrities focused account (i'm not interested in it and i won't interact with you)
  • doesn't respect credits or "don't repost" requests
  • problematic (mocking/making fun of people with disabilities, invalidates their issues)
  • basic dni critera (xphobic, racist, using slurs)
  • mysoginistic and what i mean here is hating on women and/or female characters just because they're women! if you're genshin player and you think that "genshin women boring", i kindly ask you to dni as well:]


  • sbs to break mutual (unless you fit dni criteria and i haven't noticed till now!)
  • tweets mostly about genshin and honkai, sometimes about animango/my studies
  • won't get into discourse unless it's something important for me (f.e. protecting lesbians!!)
  • tweets in polish and english, i usually mix them
  • i use tone indicators (when i find them necessary) and tws!! (if you need tone indicator or tw on something specific please lmk!)
  • pls let me know if i follow sb problematic (and by that i also mean someone who doesn't follow my dni criteria and i somehow didn't notice that until now)
apr 8 2022 ∞
aug 6 2022 +