• you will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. the true power is sitting back and observing.
  • how to do shadow work:
    • begin to view emotional triggers as teachers, showing you what needs healing.
    • take 3 deep belly breaths
    • PAUSE. ask: "what am i feeling?"
    • practice FULL self compassion with no judgement around how you feel. MANTRA: "i accept this."
    • when a person triggers you, ask: "what trait in this person is activating me?" (this is what you deny in self, or a past wound looking to be resolved.)
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three good things, general check-ins, or what my body needs more of.

  • march 01: enjoyed a fresh gluten free crepe for lunch today. the windows in the apartment are open to let fresh air in and so far i've been able to stave off the sunday scaries from settling in. trying to tell something that's found home within your ribs for so long that it's no longer welcome is a process.
  • march 24: i'm certifiably horrid at keeping up with any sort of journaling system. this is why i've had to stop myself from splurging on planner goodies. in other news, the world is shutting down and this last week has been nothing but c-virus stress.
mar 1 2020 ∞
mar 24 2020 +
  • february 16 : heaviness has carried over into my body from sleep. i'm still learning that the twenty-four hours within a sunday are just as critical as those on a friday. i'm trying to grasp on to my life even on work days, but i seem to lose sight of it in longing for consecutive days where there are no plans and nothing is expected of me. time is a difficult thing to manage without feeling as if i'd please/nourish myself more by spending it otherwise. i'm trying to be more central and present in my thoughts, which involves digesting more and reacting less. what my body could use more of: deep breaths, hydration. ( 1 k. )
  • february 17 : always oscillating between busying myself and longing to be home. i think the journey to live in every moment, and have those moments include work , is going to be a long one for me. even just out of high school i would find any means to stay home, have a shift covered, ensure i had no plans and could do with ..._of_ me. what my body could use more of: stretching, hydration.
feb 16 2020 ∞
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