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i'm a homeschool teacher for fallingtree school. see this page for lists of assigned reading and my own plans for the future.

Tammy follows:

One hundred years of solitude

  • How far do you think is a man willing to go for a woman? Or, for his own masculinity?
  • What is the relation of the "city of mirrors" symbol and the river?
  • What is the relation of the liberation of one's mind to one's family legacy?
dec 2 2019 ∞
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  • climb the san mateo mountain again in my lifetime
  • do a study on san mateo
  • find the street-level art in san mateo
  • study chinese graphic design
  • study chinese psychology
nov 3 2019 ∞
nov 3 2019 +

remember to research at least five topics and share your learnings with your groupmates. it's just optional, so don't worry

these are your readings for the month. check back again for guide questions. :)

  • one hundred years of solitude - gabriel garcis marquez
  • a wrinkle in time - madeleine l'engle
  • a thousand splendid suns - khaled hosseini
  • a prayer for owen meany - john irving

reading really helps you come up with new ideas. watch some booktube videos to get motivated to read. the reading speed is one book per week. if you can't finish in one week, it's okay to read the summary. reading it all the way through helps you thoroughly enjoy the book, and, as we do it in fallingtree school, feel life more.

nov 3 2019 ∞
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