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i'm a homeschool teacher for fallingtree school. see this page for lists of assigned reading and my own plans for the future.


One hundred years of solitude

  • How far do you think is a man willing to go for a woman? Or, for his own masculinity?
  • What is the relation of the "city of mirrors" symbol and the river?
  • What is the relation of the liberation of one's mind to one's family legacy?

A wrinkle in time

  • what do coincidences mean to you? are they a part of normal life, and do you welcome them?
  • What is your take on things appearing out of nothing? do you think this has something to do with the creation?
  • what do you think is the personification of evil in this date and time?

A thousand splendid suns

  • is it worth it to get something special to you, given that you barely have received anything in life, if it means endangering someone else's life? take the example of mariam's choice of going to watch pinocchio, instead of staying with her mother.
  • do you think that there is a reward from doing something drastic as the choice above?
  • is it better to marry for money and have a bit of life, or keep on waiting for someone you love?

A prayer for owen meany

  • how far was owen willing to go for the notions of "the will of god"?
  • how should one see himself, for having a minor flaw like a shrill voice? is he supposed to wear it proudly or is he supposed to think in some other way?
  • what do you think of self-fulfilling prophecies? how do you think they work?
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