• Stockholm for a few weeks, maybe on my own, maybe with someone else who knows. Probably on my own.
  • Lisbon - hang out with Liliana for a week.
  • Ontario - Stay with Kaleen at her time share cottage for a couple of weeks in the Canadian fresh water lake/mountains place.
  • Glasgow - If Kaleen ends up flying over here for a week or so.
  • WWOOF... either this summer or next, depending on what I'm doing, time, people, etc.
  • Definitely see Robyn again later this year if she tours - maybe Manchester, or London, or go to Amsterdam and meet up with Elena.
mar 8 2011 ∞
mar 8 2011 +
  • I feel good in my own skin lately. Like, really good.
  • Lost so much weight, not in a healthy way, but hey it got the job done.
  • Feeling pretty good in the clothes I wear, etc.
  • Still need to lose more weight, maybe by exercise. Failing that I'll keep up this not eating deal. Which won't be hard...
feb 10 2011 ∞
feb 10 2011 +
  • France/Paris
  • Spain
  • Portugal/Porto
  • Italy/Rome
  • Greece/Kos/Corfu
apr 11 2010 ∞
may 22 2010 +
  • Saturday - Party party party
  • Monday - Rough Trade East, Brick Lane, Freedom Press, Bagels, Coffee, Food, Lykke Li
  • Wednesday - QUIT JOB
  • Thursday - Robyn @ The Roundhouse.
feb 24 2011 ∞
mar 4 2011 +
  • Russia - Moscow/St.Petersburg
  • Norway - Oslo
  • Finland - Helsinki
  • Sweden - Stockholm
  • Iceland - Reykjav√≠k
  • Czech Republic - Prague
  • Lithuania - Vilnius
  • Germany - Berlin
apr 11 2010 ∞
may 22 2010 +
  • Finalise Alex's business card designs, get them printed up for him. Design his tumblr portfolio.
  • Reply to Uni of Hertfordshire Professor about the job offer - doing graphics/illustrations for some Organisational Behaviour text book for Hodder Education publishers. (Yeah that's right, people come to me for jobs. If I go to them looking for jobs, nothing. Figure that one out.)
  • Maybe go out for Rosie Wades birthday this Saturday with anyone else who decides to go.
  • Organise the Blackheath contingent Mexican Epic Meal Time Weekend with Toby. What do you know about cookin'?
  • Get back into the routine of learning Swedish. Been slacking.
  • Start jogging again morning or night, may...
mar 8 2011 ∞
mar 8 2011 +
  • Meet someone who will treat me like a human being
  • Get an Apt/or house, either on my own or with someone else.
  • Don't have kids, don't let anyone persuade me to have kids
  • Don't let someone persuade me to marry them when they don't even want me.
  • Finally get a good job somewhere
  • Probably move to Sweden
  • Be happier than ever
  • Enjoy friends, party it up.
  • Become a pescatarian, because i like fish and seafood, and because going any further than that usually results in turning yourself into a massive self-righteous hipster douchebag. I would rather have fish killed than let myself turn into a really irritating asshole to everyone around me.
  • Not turn into a pretentious obnoxious kno...
feb 1 2011 ∞
feb 1 2011 +