• hide it hide it hide it hide it hide it hide it hide it hide hide hide hide it. give up give up give up give up.
  • nobody wants you, you are weak. your life will be short, you will never find happiness. let them all go, they don't want you. sew heart and breath shut forever. leave them alone, please.
  • distance myself so everyone will forget. limit to bread and water. drink less water. dehydrate. dehydrate even more. drink. fall asleep. happiness.
  • no convincing, no talking, no opening, no entrances. turn off, hide, close, bury. give jemma all my passwords, delete accounts, delete, delete, delete. reset phone and laptop brand new. blank slate everything.
  • if this hurts, living hurts more. it hurts so, so, so, so, so, so so so so so much more. because you are unwanted. you've a...
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