• Being Minchinless for long periods of time.
  • Being beer brotherless for long periods of time
  • Being too busy with uni work to get to see people I want to see
  • Not getting enough beer time
  • Having to get up in the morning when I'm not ready to
  • Listening to bad music
  • Not having enough money to buy beer
  • People not cleaning up after themselves in my kitchen (Slappy excluded cause he pays the bills)
  • When things are way more time consuming than originally expected
  • When my car starts getting dodgy
  • Working in a really unstructured environment
  • The fact that I'm not further along with my thesis
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  • Booze
    • A list of favourite to least favourite beer
    • A list of my favourite drunk moments
    • A list of my worst drunk moments (Although, I'm not sure if I'll want that readily available online.)
    • A list of drunken injuries
  • To do
    • A general to do list
    • A list of engineering companies I want to apply for for graduate and vacation work
    • A list of engineering companies I have applied for this year
    • A list of things that I should do for my thesis
    • Media
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  • John
  • Cookie
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  • They are purple
  • Blackberries are generally not pompous
  • When you eat them they don't taste like chicken
  • When you eat them it doesn't make you a cannibal
  • Blackberries can be made into jame without a blender
  • Blackberries can be squished without feelings of remorse
  • Blackberries don't make you pay taxes
  • Blackberries are not as insane as Jenny
  • Its not creepy when blackberries prickle you
  • Blackberries don't have names or birthdays to forget
  • Blackberries aren't racist... or are they?? I bet they would if there were white berries.
  • Blackberries ALWAYS smeel good.... unless they've started rotting.
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  • Minchin
    • especially when
      • I get Minchin hugs
      • I get Minchin kisses
      • I see Minchin's show live for the first time
      • I get Minchin emails
      • I get Minchin time
      • I get Michael time
      • I get to drink with Minchin
      • I get given a beer by Michael that was given to Tim by a fan
      • Minchin laughs at me laughing at Minchin
      • Minchin gives me nicknames
      • I watch Minchin's dvds after not watching them for a long time
      • I introduce people to Minchin and they really fucking love him
  • My beer brothers
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