• handkerchief
  • $20 bill
  • Maura's W-2 Form
  • Lead pencil
  • cordless phone
  • large chunk of Jim's shirt
    • while he was wearing it
  • the red fleece blanket
  • infinite tissues and napkins
  • the end of the ice cream scoop
  • the couch cushions
    • but we flipped them over
  • Maura's Thanksgiving Chocolate Cake
    • she saved a little for us
  • the ears on most of her stuffed animals
  • my brace
  • an old copy of The New Yorker
  • underwear and socks
aug 27 2010 ∞
oct 27 2010 +
  • You know what the farmer said when he kissed the pig, don't you?
  • E-nun-ci-ate
  • Nicknames--Luv, Jedidikah, Butoo, Moia, Shay-NA, Sweetface, La-La, Eh-Motorcycle, Idle, Cactus, HotNose, Fully Hoisin, Heathcliff, the Bull, Bar Schmar, Hoontie, Big Shafe and Little Shafe--the Shafelas
  • JEEZUS chr-ist
  • loveyoumissyoucryingforyou
  • Never go to bed mad
  • You're one fart smeller
  • Kishmere tuchas arine
  • Get the hell out of here
aug 27 2010 ∞
oct 27 2010 +
  • not backpacking around Europe when I could
  • not taking Mom and Dad to Rehoboth
  • not videotaping the kids when they were little and adorable
  • not videotaping the parents and aunts and uncles
  • going through college so quickly that I didn't take the fun stuff
  • not keeping a journal
  • losing track of old friends
  • not buying the black velvet hat in the antique store on the South Side
  • not buying Shana the little car, even if the steering wheel didn't work, or the wallet
oct 27 2010 ∞
nov 2 2010 +