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cuz i miss you already
you're the hollow in my bed
i want to be your stallion

nour follows:


  • 2/28/02
  • HE/HIM
  • ENTP-T
  • pisces sun/libra moon/libra rising
oct 2 2018 ∞
oct 2 2018 +
  • i would like to be a hospital pharmacist
  • my favorite color is wine red
  • i have finally mastered the lyrics to all teen suicide songs
  • i am learning how to drum and would want to be in a band but i enjoy being friends with the local bands here more and plus none of them have decent drummers at all literally none of them have ever learned how to drum so within the next 6 months i'll probably join a really nice local band
  • i really enjoy astronomy and anything about biomedical even though i failed i really enjoy it
  • i love the human centipede and want to get a human centipede tattoo even though i guess it's a cringe tattoo? but whatever
  • salvia plath by teen suicide means a lot to me and i would like to get a tattoo of skeleton hands holding a plate of strawb...
oct 3 2018 ∞
oct 20 2018 +