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cuz i miss you already
you're the hollow in my bed
i want to be your stallion

nour follows:
  • i would like to be a hospital pharmacist
  • my favorite color is wine red
  • i have finally mastered the lyrics to all teen suicide songs
  • i am learning how to drum and would want to be in a band but i enjoy being friends with the local bands here more and plus none of them have decent drummers at all literally none of them have ever learned how to drum so within the next 6 months i'll probably join a really nice local band
  • i really enjoy astronomy and anything about biomedical even though i failed i really enjoy it
  • i love the human centipede and want to get a human centipede tattoo even though i guess it's a cringe tattoo? but whatever
  • salvia plath by teen suicide means a lot to me and i would like to get a tattoo of skeleton hands holding a plate of strawberries for the song because without it i'd be a lot different and that makes me feel weird
  • i like silver more than gold but i look better in gold so it sucks plus my skin is very sensitive
  • i have had braces since 3/30/16 and my teeth are gonna be so straight
  • i really like holes and things coming out of holes and holes in skin
  • so basically. im monky
  • i love nicki minaj so much and have for years but i used to be really embarrassed by it and uhhhh i still listened to queen and know a lot of her songs by heart and the best she's ever been was jump off '07
  • okay so my teeth being straight is a lie i have 4 chipped teeth so my teeth will always look wonky
  • i hate straight teeth they're ugly
  • i have five chipped teeth and one of them was from. you guessed it. government cheese and it's one of my two fucking front teeth but as i said i like crooked teeth so it's great
  • i wish i never got braces overbites are cute unless theyre straight overbites then ugly
  • i want to make music when i get older
  • 10/11/18 was a very special day for me and i feel alive today and like i can feel towards others and that my actions have consequences and that people can change and it's good
  • i love space and talking about black holes
  • if you don't believe we live in a simulation that's a bad opinion but do you
  • i like car seat headrest even though sam ray fucking dragged him
  • i need something soon i need something soon i can't talk to my folks my head head my head head my head head
  • i wish my eyes were hazel or green but i also kind of like my eye color but then again dark brown kind of sucks
  • weed is the literal worst drug wait no it's the second worst the first worst is benadryl if that even counts just take benzos if you really want just go to sleep
  • i used to be really sad until september like sometime in it and then i was good and yeah we out here becoming better people
  • okay good night i'm going to sleep
  • good MORNING! im shitting myself because for the past week i ave been hearing things in the ceiling and walls and it's like a digging and tapping and whenever i talk about it it goes away and i can't tell because how the fuck would anything be above my room
  • i don't know what i want to look like anymore and it's fucking with me
  • i used 2 have super long nails but now i cut them for fun because i love what short nails look like
  • i like to kiss and anything where i'm in control of the person it feels nice i just wish i had a dick thans
  • you cannot give nipples a hickey i tested it for science and that's a story i can tell for like 5 years because the whole thing was a funny story i literally said "do you wanna watch baby bat videos while i try and give your titty a hickey" and i even got to watch some bat suck on a titty too
  • i want to be a goat! i would love to be one it would be fun
  • i'm trying to think about fun facts of me that aren't sexual but at this point that's a big part of my personality now i'm just here 4 a good time i don't think about anything anymore all i had to do was be horny
  • if you are a family member who somehow sees this you are literally all disgusting if i could break both of my legs to ensure i never had to see my family from my mom's side i would
  • i am very connected to spirits because of my grandma and dead things are a very big comfort to me
  • suck my big phat nuts if you say you don't support islam but aren't muslim because i, as a muslim, know where the struggle is and buddy it isn't in the violence. it's the segregation of men and women that has been taken wrongfully and women don't even get treated better not even children it's the MEN WHO DO so! teehee islam is a religion of peace retards the bad things of it are things that you have to literally go to mosque and see for yourself chief i've had to eat moldy cheese while the men got kebab so
  • i really like grimes i never grew out of my grimes phase
  • my heart i'll never see i'll never be i'll never know
  • i LOVE garfield! in fact i have him drawn on my wall and have a bunch of the old comics i grew up with and the cartoons r still fun to watch and the movie made me cry
  • buy me the garfield plush pussy
  • no one stans sam ray as hard as i do you could try but i can assure you you can't and i get very jealous of anyone who tries so good luck buddy if you even get close you're gonna wake up with a fucking pipe shoved up your ass
  • you could fall in love with the sea you could buy roses from the man on the freeway
  • i'm trying very hard to change myself as a person and it's working and i'm happy because i'm finally not sad and i can breathe and i can be my own person
  • lightning makes me feel at home
  • hey it's me again i'm back after 7 days and its 10/20/18 and it's weird
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