• Golden Boy (85k)
    • Rated E
    • Veteran beach volleyball player Namjoon gets prodigy Jungkook, a smitten fan, as a new teammate.
  • Traveloge With A Frat Boy (16k)
    • Rated E
    • Namjoon meets a cute study-abroad student in a tiny tourist town beneath the mountains.


  • Heart Brew Love (9k)
    • Rated T
    • Witch AU. In which Jimin's familiar hates his new alpha neighbor, someone keeps sending him courtship gifts, and Jimin can't figure out why his new neighbor smells so damn good.
  • Got You On My Fingertips (9k)
    • Rated E
    • "No, no," Yoongi says. He shakes his head and bites the inside of his mouth. "I just mean — like — " He taps his fingers against the edge of his coffee mug. "Is pussy not, like, the most satisfying meal those motherfuckers have ever had?"


  • Catching Stars To Keep (9k)
    • Rated T
    • Jeon Jungkook is eighteen years, two hundred and one days, eighteen hours, thirty two minutes, and fifty five seconds old when he meets his soulmate.
  • Take Me Home Take It Slow (76k) ♡
    • Rated E
    • Jungkook is an idol and Taehyung is his chaebol sponsor.
  • Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice (25k)
    • Rated E
    • Taehyung's new dealer off campus smells like apple cider, and his voice sounds like falling leaves in the wind.
  • Rich Bitch (28k)
    • Rated E
    • When you make six figures a year, Valentino isn’t that big of a deal.


  • The Omega Revolution (160k)♡
    • Rated E
    • There are things Jimin loves. There are things Jimin hates. In the middle of a shifting world, Jeon Jeongguk manages to be both.



  • She (17k)
    • Rated E
    • Rule 63. All of them are girls.
  • @kookiesnscreams + @mommyoongi (Series | 10k)
    • Rated E
    • Smut scenes from camboys Kookie and Yoongi. One has Taehyung in it too.



  • Galaxy S♡ (21k)
    • Rated T
    • Seokjin buys an Android. The side Taekook is heartbreaking.


  • Detonate Me, Granulate Me (47k) ♡
    • Rated E
    • Taekookmin are animal hybrids. Nothing is like it seems. Fighting the goverment.
  • Swamp Magic (211k)
    • Rated E
    • Two witches lure Jungkook into their cabin in the woods.


  • Transformation (13k)
    • Rated E
    • In which yoongi is a semi-religious hipster virgin and seokjin has a thing about conquests, which namjoon whole-heartedly supports.


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