• I talk too much in some peoples' companies, too little in others'.
  • I can be so stupid. I forget everything and am incredibly absent minded. I think that I am a little idiotic, and it really bothers me because inside my head I know that I am smarter than all of this. I also think that this lowers peoples' image of me. They may in fact write me off as stupid. But I am not!
  • I am extremely impressionable.
  • I am underconfident sometimes and overconfident others. When I am overconfident, something always happens to bring me back to the former.
  • I am very angry. It is a sudden anger. I need to learn not to let every little thing bother me, and to control my temper.
  • I don't think I'm a fun person.
  • I'm not secure in my relationship. It causes problems between us occasionally.
  • My nose. And my forehead. And my back. Yes, I think I have an ugly back...
  • I don't exercise enough. But I don't have the commitment to change that.
  • I don't eat healthily enough anymore. Is healthily a word?
  • I dont cause drama, but I am extremely dramatic in my head. I think everything a person says means something. This contributes to my insecurity in my relationship.
  • I think I am a respectable person, but people laugh me off because I'm so forgetful.
  • I care what other people think.
  • Sometimes I feel like my friends don't like me.
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