• I speak jibberish, fluently.
    • I speak french also, but it'll be a while before i'm fluent.
  • I try really hard in school and most of the time it pays off, but i still come off looking like an idiot occasionally.
    • especially when it comes to history, politics, and math.
  • Journalism honestly is the only thing that gets me through school. Oddly enough I like being stressed out for it, along with everyone else on staff, otherwise we wouldn't do it.
  • I look up to my sister way more than I should.
    • She has her flaws just like everyone else but I made it a personal demand not to follow in her footsteps, and I didn't, and in the longrun that makes it a lot easier to have a real relationship with her.
      • My flaws don't include looking up to her.
  • I reminisce on summer '07 way too much.
    • It's been the one disaster in my life that I just can't put behind me.
  • I'm more thankful for the things that I have than a good majority of teenagers and I praise the people who are also thankful.
    • (example - most kids despise their parents, but they're the ones that gave you a life, and a roof over your head, and you like that roof, and your life, don't you?)
  • It's the little things in life that really matter to me.
    • It would make me more happy if I never saw someone look sad than if I had all the money in the world.
  • I treasure all of my friendships and relationships.
    • No matter what the circumstances are, I do my absolute best to give second chances and not judge. people change.
      • Losing a fair amount of friends for no exclusive reason has taught me this.


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