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lover, fighter. sweet, harsh. honest, liar. hardworking, lazy. mature, childish.

  • because i spend hours at a time worring about what i look like.
  • because after all the time i tend to spend making myslef look alright, i just end up putting my hair up as soon as i get to school anyway.
  • because i spend an hour and a half flirting with a guy that has a girlfriend, and i am beating myself up over it.
  • because i would even put myself in a situation where i was talking to a guy with a girlfriend.
  • because this is my only outlet of venting that doesn't require me bothering my friends
  • that i had thought about doing lists like this on paper for a long time, and that i didn't start doing it until i found out that i could do it online.
  • because i'm in high school, and completely understand how rediculious people are, ...
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  • Boston
  • Alaska
  • london
  • Paris
  • Moscow
  • Italy
  • Peru
  • Beijing
  • Tokio
  • Vancouvor
  • Oslo
  • Reykjavik
    • you know...the basics...
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  • Played Soccer
  • learned guitar
  • danced (well..not quit)
  • stayed in touch with any of my friends from middle school
  • gone to church
  • had a harder life.
    • my life was so easy, and i take it for granted.
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  • Massive amounts of APUSH homework
    • its my should have been done forever ago
  • Stupid assignments that mean nothing that i have to do INSTEAD of APUSH homework.
  • Teachers/Coaches who teach/coach because they like feeling as though they are in charge of other people
    • because we all know that that is what is really important...
  • Seeing gross people making out in the middle of the hallways when there is only seven minutes between classes
    • I'm pretty sure that (this year mostly) i hardly have time to get from one class room, to my locker to the next.
    • and that doesn't include the time that people stop to have sex (almost) in the mid...
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  • Taylor Laughtner
  • Nick Jonas
  • Ryan Renolds
  • Chad Michael Murray
  • James Laugherty
  • Sterling Knight
  • The guy from Owl City
  • Tom Felton
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  • Stop letting little things bother me
    • Start letting things go.
  • Don't believe people
    • they lie a lot more than they let on
  • Stop caring what other people think.
    • truth of the matter is, the people who think badly, aren't worth it anyway.
  • Be more confrentational.
  • try harder
  • be nicer
  • be meaner
    • because lets face it, most people don't deserve you're nice gestures
  • convince people that i am never wrong.
    • and that i can fly. cuase that'd be cool.
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