• my friends, first and for most. without them, pretty sure i'd hate school entirely.
  • Journalism. yup, huge perk haha.
    • the newspaper is pretty much the best part about our school. haha
  • oh and we broadcast our announcements live, which is epic.
  • we have a big focus on athletics.
    • but its not overbaring and we still manage to have exceptional students who are also exceptional athletes.
  • Majority of the teachers are really cool and we're lucky to have them
  • we have nearly 10 minutes to get each class. i mean come on! lol
  • there's always something new happening. its not boring whatsoever.


  • my locker is awful. its on the bottom, in a corner. awesome.
    • a lot of the lockers end up with mice in them or they end up infested with mold or something else unidentifyable.
  • we also have a big focus on cliques, and it gets annoying.
  • we do have awesome teachers but the others arent even close
  • we have fights almost every day
    • or someone brings some kind of "weapon"
  • majority of students really just couldn't care less about their education
  • the hallways are basically a huge clusterfuck and because of that, i barely make it to classes every day.
    • so thanks to you, gross people who make out in the middle of the hallway, dumb girls who find it fun to be at someones locker blocking everyone elses locker...etc. etc.


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