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Bailey Marie|Eighteen|Michigan

Little things about me:
I like names.
I like making lists.
I play the flute and was in marching band.
My taste is all over the place, I like almost anything when it comes to anything.
I love reading and writing.
I'm going into social work, with a focus on young children.

hayley books (read me)
Michelle Fuller About Me (Zodiac Signs)
Kiskadee music (Songs to Maybe Buy)
  • Life Lesson 1: Things aren't always as they seem.
  • Life Lesson 2: If you don't think you sounded bitchy, you most likely did.
  • Life Lesson 3: Nothing lasts forever, sorry to break it to you.
  • Life Lesson 4: The heart has a tendency to pick the wrong person.
  • Life Lesson 5: If someone says the world is going to end on a specific day, it is 99.9% likely that the world will stay exactly the way it is.
  • Life Lesson 6: Some of the friends you make online are better than most of the people you meet in person. Just because you've never met doesn't mean they can't be a very good friend.
  • Life Lesson 7: You know you want to keep all of your old friends, but if you want to be realistic, you won't and you'll probably lose contact with 95% of some of yo...
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  • A Brief Chapter In My Impossible Life- Dana Reinheaz ***
  • A Child Called "It"- Dave Pelzer ***
  • A Clan In Need- Erin Hunter
  • A Temptation Of Angels- Michelle Zink
  • Abandon- Meg Cabot
  • Accidental Magic- P.C Cast
  • Along For The Ride- Sarah Dessen *****
  • An Angel Box- Denny Youngblood
  • And Laughter Fell From The Sky- Jyotsna Sreenivasan
  • Angel Falls- Kristin Hannah
  • Angelfall- Susan Ee
  • Angelfire- Courtney Allison Moulton ***
  • Another Piece Of Heart- Jane Green
  • Arranged- Catherine McKenzie
  • Awakened- P.C and Kirsten Cast
  • Before I Fall- Lauren Oliver
  • Beneath A Meth Moon- Jacqueline Woodson
  • Between The Lines- Jodi Picoult ****
  • Blind Faith- Ellen Wittlinger ***
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