I love my online friends like Ben Faklasnam and FanCentralNetwork(in a just friends way)

I'm 21 Years Old

I'm constantly trying to make myself a better person.

I have Aspergers Syndrome


Support LGBT people

I own a Nintendo 64, a SNES, A Gamecube, a Xbox One, a Xbox 360 that can't connect online, a Nintendo Wii, A Wii U, a Nintendo Switch, a DS, a 3DS. And a GBA.

B-Day is on May 13 1999


Likes the Denver Broncos and San Francisco Giants

Favorite Superpower is Telekinesis/Psychokinesis

Likes Creepypastas

Mostly Likes Daft Punk, Bob Dylan, Bastille,Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Toby Keit...

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SomeCallMeJohnny (Including SGB and BrainScratchComms)

Rebel Taxi





I Hate Everything






Christian Maracle





Overly Sarcastic Productions

Todd In The Shadows



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Izuku (Deku) Bakugo, Shigaraki, Hawks, Todoroki, and many others from MHA

The Eds from Ed Edd n Eddy

Lucina, Ike, and Byleth from Fire Emblem

Blossom from PPG (Original)

Mario, Luigi, Wario, Ashley, Bowser, Iggy, Donkey Kong, Boo, Shy Guy Yoshi, Rosalina, and Waluigi

Optimus Prime + Megatron

Sol Badguy, Dizzy, Jack O, Ramlethal, Ky and Sin Kiske Faust, Baiken, Chipp, and Leo WHutefang from Guity Gear Series.

Saitama from One Punch Man

Matt from Chronicle (A guy with psychic powers that isn't evil)

Akko and Sucy From LWA

Ryuko from KLK

Leo and Klaus from Blood Battlefront Blockade

Superman, Spiderman,Joker, Harley Quinn Winter Solider, Venom, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and a bunch of other DC/Marvel C...

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Fire Emblem

Xenoblade series

Persona 5

TRON Uprising

Guilty Gear Game Series

Death Note

Cowboy Bebop

Other Kirby Games

Mega Man

Other Go Nagai Properties like Mazinger Z and Cutie Honey

(PS4 Games, IF I HAD A PS4,

Spiderman (2018)

Bloodborne + Soul Series

God Of War Series

Shadow Of The Colossus

Uncharted Series

Ratchet And Clank

Devil May Cry Series

That Voltron Netflix show

The Marvel Netflix Shows (Not interested in Inhumans or runaways)

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  • Get my drivers license
  • Graduate from College
  • Find a possible place to move in to
  • meet some of my internet friends irl
  • Find out what I want to be
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Man Of Steel

Jump Force and MHA One's Justice 2 (They're fun imo)

Fire Emblem Awakening

Star Fox Zero

Solo, A Star Wars Story (Better than Rogue One)

Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi

Batman Vs Superman

Star Wars Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker

Solo, A Star Wars Story (It's underrated imo)

Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword

Bioshock 2

Sonic Forces (It's decent, it's not that bad guys)

Sonic Boom Fire and Ice

Looney Tunes Back In Action

Sonic Colors (It's still a good game to me at least)

Star Wars Episode 3

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Ed Edd n Eddy

Billy And Mandy

Adventure Time

PPG (original)

Spongebob (Not a big fan nowadays and I don't hate modern episodes as much as other people but still likes it)

Samurai Jack

Star Vs

South Park

TMNT 2003

Gravity Falls

We Bare Bears

Justice League + Unlimited

Spiderman 94 + Spectacular Spiderman

The Real Ghostbusters

Invader Zim


Avatar The Last Airbender

Danny Phantom

Amazing World Of Gumball

Charlie Brown shorts

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  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate* Joker, Lucina, Sonic, Link, Ridley.(Secondaries)Shulk, King K Rool, Terry, Wario, Snake
  • Injustice 2* Superman, Green Lantern Raphael and Dr Fate
  • Super Smash Bros 4* Sonic, Lucina and Mewtwo
  • Dragonball Fighterz* Top 5 Android 21, Gogeta,DBS Broly, UI Goku,Trunks, Kefla.
  • Blazblue Cross Tag Battle* Yang, Susanoo, Ruby, Adachi
  • Killer Instinct* Fulgore, Omen, (Secondaries) Arbiter, Jago/Shadow Jago
  • Rivals of Aether* Zetterburn, Sylvanos, (Secondaries) Ori, Kragg
  • Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3* Hawkeye, Morrigan, Akuma
  • Super Smash Bros Melee* Jigglypuff, Marth.(secondary)Capt Falcon
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Super Smash Bros (Mostly Ultimate)

Team Fortress 2

Super Mario Bros (Including spinoffs)

Legend Of Zelda (Mostly BOTW)

Pokemon (Gen 4)


Sonic The Hedgehog (Either SA2 or Unleashed)

Mostly Other Nintendo series like Star Fox, Kirby, Etc.

Kingdom Hearts

Pikmin 2

Street Fighter

Mortal Kombat

Grand Theft Auto

Saints Row

Spyro the Dragon

Crash Bandicoot

Dust An Elysian Tail (Fav Indie Game)

Metal Gear Solid

Batman Arkham Series

Rayman (including some of the rabbids gam...

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Nostalgia Critic (Can't believed I liked that content a lot back than, can be funny meme wise)

Chicago (The Band)

Mama Mia (It's an annoying film)

Real bad fan bases

Lex Luger

New Jack

League Of Legends

The Fable Series

Disney live Action Remakes 2013-now (Pete's Dragon is good though and Jungle Book is ok)

Controlling The Vehicles in GTA 4 (They're so slippery to handle)

The characters in Half Life 2. (Though the G man is cool though)

King Of The Hill (Like Hank Hill though)

Lily Orchard (Though I can understand why people like her, I'm not a fan)

Steven Universe filler episodes (They're ...

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My Hero Academia

Dragon Ball series (minus most parts of GT)

One Punch Man


One Piece

Soul Eater

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Little Witch Academia

Mob Psycho 100

Devilman Crybaby

Kill La Kill

Blood Battlefront Blockade


Black Clover


Panty and Stocking

The Promised Neverland

Kirby Right Back At Ya (If that counts)

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood


(Still trying to find some that interests...

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Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

The Dark Knight

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Spiderman Into The Spiderverse

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory


My Hero Academia Heroes Rising

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Godzilla King of the Monsters (2019)

Toy Story 2

The Lion King (original, screw the remake)

Pulp Fiction

Montey Python And The Holy Grail

Hacksaw Ridge

Wreck It Ralph


Man Of Steel (I actually like this movie, as well as the original Superman 1 and 2)


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

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