Nostalgia Critic (Can't believed I liked that content a lot back than, can be funny meme wise)

Chicago (The Band)

Mama Mia (It's an annoying film)

Real bad fan bases

Lex Luger

New Jack

League Of Legends

The Fable Series

Disney live Action Remakes 2013-now (Pete's Dragon is good though and Jungle Book is ok)

Controlling The Vehicles in GTA 4 (They're so slippery to handle)

The characters in Half Life 2. (Though the G man is cool though)

King Of The Hill (Like Hank Hill though)

Lily Orchard (Though I can understand why people like her, I'm not a fan)

Steven Universe filler episodes (They're not all bad, Some I really like, but they sometimes put the main plot in some arcs to a screeching halt)

Some of the crazy WWE Fans (They take things WAY too seriously)

Lazily made Games/Movies/Tv Shows/ Animation (Put some effort into your work)

Snakes (Poisonous/Venomous ones, normal snakes are a little cool, but I'm a little scared of them)

Horror Mazes (I can't handle the atmosphere)


Amnesia games (not interested in them)

Soccer Games (Mario Strikers 1 and 2 are really fun though)

Paper Mario Sticker Star

Some of the Playstation games that are crazily praised like they're perfect when they're either just good or flawed.

Some parts of Steven Universe

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