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Jen. Twenty-something physicist and science communicator.

Interests include, but are not limited to, conspiracy theories, animals and cryptography.

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Things a degree in physics will help me to achieve

  • Astronaut | Yeah, once I've joined the military...which will certainly not be happening
  • Commercial Airlines Pilot | To get a CPL scholarship is the first step
  • Investment Banker | Working in the city would be fine for a couple of years I think but would soon begin to take its toll on my mental health. Still; money!
  • Aeronautics design engineer | With a preference to rollercoasters but if it's a rocket or something then I guess that's ok too
  • Patent Examiner | Yes, just like Einstein. I think the crossover between science and law could be interesting.
  • Academic | Perpetual student.

Things I would have done if I had chosen to do a different degree

  • Doctor | I might be the only person to have ever turned down the offer of a place at the University of Cambridge school of medicine, let's hope I don't regret it!
  • Neurologist | Neuroscience is actually something I'm still really interested in even if it's from a theoretical physics point of view
  • Mechanical Engineer | Although, the idea of factoring friction into calculations makes my head spin
  • Pharmacist | Hence why I worked in a pharmacy as a teenager!

Things I don't need a degree to do (stuff you University!!)

  • Glamour Model | If this physics fails then this is still on the cards...
  • Stunt Woman | YEAH!!
  • Waitress | It's something I really enjoy doing...weirdly

Things which are currently hobbies which a career could be formed out of

  • Ski Instructor | So far I have my assistant instructor certificate so I'm halfway there
  • Fashion designer | Only since I know exactly what item I want but nobody seems to make it!
  • Rally Driver | I'd be good at that but girls don't make it far in motorsport
  • Artist | I've only made £120 from my art so far so it's not looking good
  • Interior Designer | I'll enjoy doing up my own house enough
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