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Jen. Twenty-something physicist and science communicator.

Interests include, but are not limited to, conspiracy theories, animals and cryptography.


My hobby and passion: Public engagement of science. My favourite topics and ideas to do.

  • Superfluids - condensed matter physics, atomic physics, fluids
  • Alan Turing and animal patterns - dynamic chemistry, developmental biology, applied mathematics
  • Topology - pure mathematics, algebra
    • Dirac and knitting, donuts and coffee cups
  • Fibonacci flowers - pure mathematics, evolutionary biology
  • Einstein & Eddington - cosmology, astronomy, scientific method, history of science
  • Laser cooling - atomic physics, optics
    • car/tennis ball analogy
  • Optical tweezers - atomic physics, optics, biology
  • Cicada adaption - evolutionary biology, pure mathematics
  • Sophie Germain - history of science, mathematics
  • Albert Einstein and rivers - physical geography, geology, fluid dynamics, applied mathematics
  • Quantum computation - quantum information, informatics, optics, atomic physics, pure mathematics
  • Quantum cryptography - quantum information, informatics
    • Public encryption key and next generation hackers
  • Murray's Statistical Analysis of Love - mathematical biology, statistics
  • assumptions
    • munich at the equator
    • league tables ethz vs gva
    • impression of French
    • how exotic is munich for genevois that never leave the city
    • spherical cows
    • speed of light experiment
    • scottish kids doped up to the eyeballs
    • LIGO

World cup theme: A scientist from each of the teams that reach the final (or semi final? Do I feel like doing 4?)

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